French beret

A Stylish Icon of French Culture and Craftsmanship in Héritage Laulhère

At the heart of Montmartre lies a haven for beret enthusiasts – Héritage Laulhère. Nestled near the famed Sacré-Cœur, this boutique exudes an air of sophistication, beckoning patrons to explore its collection of finely crafted berets. Here, one can discover the epitome of French craftsmanship.


Beret as a French symbol

Héritage Laulhère shop at Montmartre

The typical image of French is a man or a woman wearing beret with a stripes tops and a baguette in hand. The history of beret started in 1835.  It was first produced by a group of sheperds in France and then became a French favorite fashion item.  Let's discover more about your favorite beret before walking around Paris. 

Beret and Revolutionary symbol

At the beginning, beret was exclusively for men. Then, a French fashion icon like Coco Chanel made a big debut in 1930s for beret as one of women stylish fashion items. Hence, it can be claimed that beret is a typical symbol of France. Later, a lot of  female celebrities start to wear this item in more stylish ways like Brigitte Bardot. The peak era of beret was in 1960s which was the era of French film revolution and the gala events in Cannes Film Festival in that period happened to have a lot of celebrities wearing beret as a part of their costumes.  Even until nowadays, it is very popular among any international celebrities.


Laulhère: French authentic beret

Starting from being a part of shepherd wear, “beret” now becomes one of French symbols. Even there are a lot of beret house in different coutries in Asia, it is importatnt to be reminded that the typical French quality is the most authentic beret. The French traditional process of fabrication; artisanal techniques and savoir-faire in beret production are well recognised worldwide. If you want to  get a French quality beret, we reccmmend you to go to« Héritage Laulhère ». Located in Montmartre district near the most romantic tourist spot in Paris like Sacré Coeur, « Héritage Laulhère » is the perfect place to choose your favorite Laulhère beret to stay chic like Parisian.

French berets

Héritage Laulhère is a shop specialized in beret from brand Laulhère which has been founded in 1840 and was labelled “French origin Guaranteed” and “Living Heritage Company” in 2013.The shop is decorated with the shades of blue outside and inside. Looking from the outside, you will see the bright blue awning with the name of the shop. Inside, the shop emphasizes on oxford blue and white color which creates the feeling of warmth and coziness. There are different styles of beret to offer: both classic and modern. 

Products Laulhère

Laulhère beret is suitable for any time and any occasion. It is waterproof so you can wear it in rainy season with less worries. It helps you stay cool even on a sunny day. It is guaranteed 100% UV block. You are safe with this beret as it is anti-static. Furthermore, the Merino wool is naturally antibiotics so no smells can develop in Laulhère beret. Last but not the least, Laulhère beret can be fold without any damage to the shape of beret so we can say it is a timeless beret. At Héritage Laulhère, there a lot of berets that you can choose. If you want a classic beret, there are plenty of choices. If you want to be more chic with the special decoration, you can also find the different styles of decoration here at Héritage Laulhère.


How to wear beret like a Parisian

To wear beret, you have to firstly make sure that the Laulhère pin is on one side over your ear and the knot is at the back. Then, adjust the beret in the way you would like it to be. The staffs at Héritage Laulhère are more than happy to teach you the steps to wear your beret correctly.

Wear like a Parisian

Beret can go well with almost all costume; plain T-shirt or striped tops with the beret is also the most French look that one could be in. If you would like to get a good advice on how to choose your beret and how to wear it like a French, Héritage Laulhère at Montmartre would be the perfect place for you. The staffs there are ready to welcome you with a smile and their passion for beret.



French style

The classic Laulhère beret at Héritage Laulhère is made one size fits all for adults. The children can also have their own beret as well and it is made one size fits all. Despite of one size fits all, you can adjust the size by loosening the cap to make it fits well with your head. If you do not want to spend time adjusting it by yourself, you can ask the staffs at the shop to have the size of your favorite beret adjusted for you with their special tool.



decorate your beret

You can have beret specifically for summer or winter. The material may be different but always the best quality. The beret for summer will be made of cotton to give you a light touch as can be seen in the photo above. The beret for winter is usually made of wool to make sure that it will keep your head warm.



Colourful summer beret

If you want to be more stylish and have fun with your new favorite headwear, we reccomend you beret with decoration. In the shop you can find beret with different styles of decoration such as beret with stars, beret with fur and a beret with some dots and so on.


O’bon Paris’ tip

To clean your beret, washing machine is excluded.  It is more preferred to use hand washing or dry washing.  If there is some stain to be cleaned, use a soft brush with slightly soapy water and have it dried naturally. In case that you want to get rid of the dust, we recommend the light touch from a little broom as seen in the photo above. Moreover, O'bon Paris can also offer you a discount of 10%. Please click here so you can download the discount coupon for your new favorite headwear.

Héritage Laulhère is located just 5 minutes away from Sacré Coeur so it would be nice to get your favorite beret and take a photo at this romantic spot in Paris. You can also get a nice shot at the wall of Je t’aime or chic coffee shops which are very photogenic spots. 



Photographs & Author: O'bon Paris Team

French beret

Héritage Laulhère

Address : 7 Rue la Vieuville, 75018 Paris

Transportation : Metro line 12 Abbesses Station

Opening Hours : Daily 11:00-18:00