Original Portuguese egg tarts

Belem district egg tarts

There is an authentic Portugese egg tart dessert that you must try during your trip in Portugal and Pasteis de Belem. It is located in the Belem district in Lisbon. In the Belem district, there are many symbolic monuments of the Age of Exploration when Portugal had strong and powerful leaders, including the Jeronimos Monastery, the Belem Tower, and more. Pasteis de Belem is one of the places travelers visit in this district. 



Back in 1832 Pasteis de Belem was originally used as a sugar cane refinery. Since the monastery produced and sold pastries, it became known as a special restaurant known for egg tarts. Before in Jeronimos Monastery, they used egg whites to starch monks' clothes and with the leftovers, remaining yolks, they began making egg tarts. 


Portugal egg tarts : PASTEIS DE BELEM

Pasteis de Belem makes fresh egg tarts every day. They are famous for using their own traditional methods and a recipe that has been used since the ancient times and made in the "secret room".


Lisbon egg tarts : PASTEIS DE BELEM

It is also available for take-out or you can sit down and enjoy coffee with egg tarts. If you want to order out, you can stand in line from the outside and order it in turn. If you want to sit outside in the terrace and take your time, you can go inside and wait in another line. Because there are quite a lot of tables, even if the queue is long, the wait won't be very long. 


Portuguese eggtarts : EGG TART NATA

An egg tart costs 1.15 euros and a price for a cup of coffee is also similar. You can enjoy three egg tarts and a cup of coffee for less than 5 euros. 

The egg tart is crispy outside and soft inside, and it contains a great amount of custard cream which gives it a smoother taste. The locals usually eat egg tarts with sugar or cinnamon powder, and you can try both! 



O'bon Paris' tip 

Everyone can enjoy delicious egg tarts in Pasteis de Belem, even for those who do not usually enjoy eating egg tarts. Its smooth and sweet flavor is delectable. So, do not miss Pasteis de Belem when you visit the Belem district. 


Words by Youra CHOI

Photographs by Yuna LEE


Address : R. de Belém 84-92, 1300-085 Lisboa, Portugal

Opening hours : Daily 8:00-23:00