Best plan for 2 days

Rome, Italy is an attractive and promising tourist destination. Rome is a great city to travel on foot as their bus system is not regularly operated, so be prepared to walk a lot. With comfortable shoes and a map, you can easily discover the entire city of Rome. To have a better planned journey, we'll provide below a great two day itinerary for Rome.  


Rome itinerary day 1






The colosseum is one of the most famous buildings in Rome. It is an amphitheater built in the Roman Empire period. It is the place where  gladiator games were held and it is composed of 4 floors which can accommodate 40,000-70,000 people. Like a modern stadium of today, there were merchants who sold snacks and drinks and a place where citizens can gather and socialize. The facilities were separated for civilians by social class and slaves.  

You can buy the entrance ticket to the Colosseum, the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill. The Roman Forum is the main area where the ancient Romans socialized. There were also public institutions, settlements, and shrines all over the city. Although today there is no perfect stone statue left, if you know the story of that time and visit the Roman Forum, you might be able to imagine the livelihood of that time easily. It is recommended to reserve your tickets online in advance because the waiting line is long as it is a popular tourist destination in Rome. There is a fee for online reservations, but this helps you save time. You can also buy the ticket from Palatine Hill or Roman Forum which usually has a shorter waiting line than the Colosseum. The ticket for the Colosseum is valid for 2 consecutive days. 


Address : Piazza del Colosseo, 1, Rome

Hours of operation : last Sunday of October-February 15th 8:30-16:30 / February 16th-March 15th 8:30-17:00 / March 16th- last Saturday of March 8:30-17:30 / last Sunday of March-August 31st 8:30-19:15 / September 1st-September 30th 8:30-19:00 / October 1st- last Saturday of October 8:30-18:30

Admission fee : Adults: 12 euros / European residents 18-25 years old: 7.5 euros / Free for visitors under 18 years old and the first Sunday of each month / Online reservations are an extra 2 euros 






The Piazza Venezia is located in the center of Rome. It is next to the Monument of Victor Emmanuel II and Venetian palace that was used as Mussolini's office. From the upstairs level of the Monument of Victor Emmanuel II, you can see Corso street straight away. The Venetian square was built to commemorate the reunification of Italy. Additionally, Victor Emmanuel II is a hero in Italian history of reunification. You can enter the memorial monument for free to explore the history of Italy. 


Address : Piazza Venezia, Rome

Hours of operation : 9:00-19:00





Just a short walk from Piazza Venezia is the Campidoglio Square, designed by Michelangelo. Campidoglio means 'the capital' in Italian. To see the square, you have to climb a few stairs but the view at the end is rewarding. At the end of the stairs, there are the Dioscuri twin statues who defeated the invaders during the period of the Roman republic.


Address : Piazza del Campidoglio, Rome


Rome Restaurant near Piazza Venezia AI TRE SCALLINI



It is a cozy restaurant close to Colosseum and Piazza Venezia. There is a variety of menu items and the lasagna and ravioli are their specialties. Lasagna is a type of pasta that originated from northern Italy. It is basically flavored with ragu sauce and cooked in the oven with the cheese on top. It has a different texture and flavor from the pasta you are familiar with. The portion size may seem small but it is enough for your lunch. Raviola are Italian dumplings filled with vegetables, cheese, meat, etc. For the appetizer, we recommend a tasty Caprese salad made from tomatoes and mozzarella cheese.


Address : Via Panisperna, 251, Rome

Hours of operation : daily 12:00-24:00





It is one of the most famous shopping streets in Rome. It runs from Venezia Square to Popolo Square. There are a lot of local brands, restaurants, and cafes, so it is a great area to go shop. This street is impossible to miss as the main tourist attractions are on both sides of the Corso street.





There are many fountains in Rome. Amongst them is the Trevi Fountain which is considered to be the most beautiful. The Trevi Fountain is decorated with intricate sculptures and it is one of the most spectacular fountains in the world. If you take a look closely, you will see Poseidon, the God of the sea located in the middle. It was made of one huge stone and designed in the Baroque style in the 18th century. Also, the Trevi Fountain is full of various coins from around the world. People throw their coins with their right hands over their left shoulder, with their back to the fountain. There is a myth that the first coin that you throw into the fountain will lead you into coming back to Rome. The second one means that you will meet someone who you will love forever, and the third one means that you will separate with your lover. If you want to revisit Rome soon, throw a coin in with your wish.


Address : Piazza di Trevi, Rome





A pantheon is the temple of all gods. It is a round shaped Roman temple. There are elaborate sculptures of Catholic saints inside of Pantheon. The highlight of the visit is its ceiling as it is impressive to have a dome without a pole. For two thousand years, its dome without a pillar hasn't collapsed at all. Also, the sunlight mysteriously comes into the center of this dome and rain does not enter into of the dome. This is a very scientifically intelligent design. The rain either passes by the hole or spontaneously evaporates because of the pressure difference due to the rising of hot air from the pantheon. 


Address : Piazza della Rotonda, Rome

Hours of operation : Mon-Sat 9:00-19:30 / Sun 9:00-18:00

Admission fee : Free


Rome cafe TAZZA D'ORO



Italy is famous for thier excellent coffee and its low price. There are 3 top cafes in Rome; Antico Caffe Greco near the Spanish Square, Sant Eustachio near the Pantheon, and Tazza D'oro directly next to Pantheon.

They freshly roast coffee every morning with the coffee beans from South America. If you want to enjoy casual coffee, try the cafe latte. If you want to drink like an Italian, try the espresso. And if you want to cool off on a hot summer day, granita would be your choice. It is a semi frozen iced drink that is espresso flavored. 


Address : Via degli Orfani, 84, Rome

Hours of operation : Mon-Sat 7:00-20:00 / Sun 10:30-19:15





This is the most vibrant square in Rome. There are many restaurants and cafes around the plaza so it's a great place to enjoy a cup of coffee enjoy the view of the square. Street artists often perform at the square making the place more alive during the day and night. There are three fountains in Navona Square: Nettuno Fountain, Fiumi Fountain, and Moro fountain. Two fountains on either end were designed by Bernini and constructed by Giovanni Antonio Mari. In the Fuimi fountain, there is the obelisk that was pillaged from Egypt which is regarded as a representative work of Bernini. Also visit Sant'Agnese In Agone Church which is a baroque style cathedral, built in the 17th century. It is built right in front of Navona Square where Saint Agnese, one of the four Christian woman saints, was tied naked by someone who tried to surrender her faith. At that time, there was a miracle that her hair grew long enough to cover her entire body. The interior of the cathedral is decorated with gold and precious stones that boast a splendid appearance.


Address : Piazza Navona, Rome


Rome restaurant near Piazza Navona ANTINA E CUCINA



Located 3 minutes walk away from Piazza Navona is Cantina E Cucina. Usually, there is no line to enter the restaruant but for dinner, there could be a long waiting list. It is recommended to visit around 6-7 pm because the restaurant would be crowded after 7 pm. The advantages to visit this restaurant is that it's in a good location, has a unique atmosphere, has great pizza and pasta. There is a variety of menu options for pasta and pizza from Margherita pizza to pizza with numerous ingredients such as mushrooms, chicken, bacon, etc.


Address : Via del Governo Vecchio, 87, Rome

Hours of operation: daily 11:00-01:00


 Rome itinerary day 2


Rome trip VATICAN



Vatican is the smallest country in the world whose state religion is Catholic. It is located in Rome but is an independent country and there is a rigorous security check to enter Vatican. When the pope stays in Vatican, he meets the public on Wednesdays and speaks to the public on Sundays.

When you go up to the Michelangelo Dome, you can look down the street of St. Peter's Square to the Castle of the Holy Angel. The square and streets are shaped like a key to heaven. The key is the symbol of Saint Peter. In the Vatican Museum, there are a number of famous works such as Michelangelo's The Creation of the World, The Last Judgment, and Raffaello's The School of Athens.

We recommend that you wear long sleeves because if you wear shorts that show your knees or exposed exposed shoulders, you may be denied entry. 


Address: Viale Vaticano, Rome (Vatican museum) / VA Piazza San Pietro, 00120 Città del Vaticano, Vatican (Saint Peter Square)

Hours of operation: Mon-Sat 9:00-18:00 (last entry 16:00) / Every last Sunday 9:00-14:00 (last entry 12:30)

Admission fee: Adults: 17 euros / International student card holders: 8 euros / Audio guide: 8 euros


Rome Vatican gelato OLD BRIDGE



Old Bridge is one of the most famous places to have gelato in Rome that has a history of more than 25 years. It is located near Vatican and there are locations near Trastevere and other tourist sites. Their popular favors are rice, and cheese. You can also order to add some fresh cream ontop.


Address : Viale dei Bastioni di Michelangelo, Rome

Hours of operation : Mon-Sat 10:00-24:00 / Sun 14:30-24:00






If you walk straight from the Vatican, you will arrive at The Castle of the Holy Angel, or Sant'Angelo. It was originally a family grave built by the emperor of the Roman Empire Hadrianus. After the fall of the Roman Empire, it was used as a fortress of the Vatican and is now being used as a military museum. There is also an angel statue at the top of the castle of angels. There is a legend that during the 6th century many people died because of the Black Death, and the angel Michael appeared which made the Black Death disappear immediately. There is a bridge that connects to the castle on which ten angel sculptures stand side by side as if they are guarding the castle. It is also fabulous in the night when all the lights are turned on. 


Address: Lungotevere Castello, 50, Rome

Hours of operation: daily 9:00-19:30

Admission fee: 14 euros






If you cross the Tiber river which flows through Rome, you will end up at a small village called Trastevere. It was a town where Romans, Jews, and Syrians lived together and various cultures have flourished ever since. There are restaurants, cafes, small shops, small pizza houses and dessert shops all around the town. If you visit in the evening, the atmosphere is more lively by the young people visiting.

Before the sunset, climb up the Janiculum hill in the Trastevere district, where you can look down on the magnificent Roman landscape. It is also very close to Porta Portese, a typical flea market in Rome which is only held on Sundays.


Address : 00153 Rome



Rome restaurant CARLO MENTA



This is one of the best restaurants in Rome which is reccomended in several guidebooks. It is also a place where many locals gather for a meal. It is located at the entry point of Trastevere. The price of a pizza is from 3 to 8 euros and you can enjoy a good Marinara pizza for only 3 euros. We suggest trying a delicious Gamberi pasta, which is full of fresh shrimps and is only 8 euros.


Address: Via della Lungaretta, 101, Rome

Hours of operation:  Weekdays 12:00-23:30 / Weekends 12:00-24:00



Rome movie spot THE MOUTH OF TRUTH



It is believed to have been made around the 4th century BC. It is said that it was used as a cap of sewage during the Roman Empire but we don't know if it is true. In medieval times, when they interrogated someone politically, they put the criminals hand into the mouth of this statue and warned them that their hand would be cut off unless they tell the truth. Since then, it has been called "the mouth of truth." In the film <Roman Holiday>, it was this place where Audrey Hepburn and her partner put their hands in it and they joked that they had lost their hands.


Address: Piazza della Bocca della Verità, 18, Rome

Hours of operation: Daily 9:30-17:50 



Rome local market CAMPO DE' FIORI



If you are curious about the lively atmosphere of the local markets, stop by Campo de' Fiori. It is centrally located, close to Pantheon and Navona Square. If you visit too late in the afternoon, they might have already closed it, so, we recommend you to visit before or after lunch time or early in the morning. Although it is a flower market, they also sell various ingredients, limoncellos, and so much more. At night, there are bars and restaurants around the square where you can enjoy this unique atmosphere.


Address: Piazza Campo de' Fiori, Rome



Rome best gelato GIOLITTI



This is one of the top three places for gelato in Rome, and it is located very close to the Pantheon. There is a variety of fresh berry flavors. Watermelon flavor is popular but sometimes you can't find that flavor if it is off season for watermelon. You first have to select the size of gelato, pay at the counter, line up with the receipt and then wait for your turn to receive your gelato.


Address: Via degli Uffici del Vicario, 40, Rome

Hours of operation: Daily 7:00-24:00



VIA DEI CONDOTTI shopping street



This is a luxurious shopping street that leads to the Spanish Square. Here you can find many luxury Italian brands like Gucci, Prada, etc.





Another landmark of Rome, Spanish Square. It is a well-known square where Audrey Hepburn ate gelato in the movie <Roman Holiday>.  During the 17th century, it was the site of the Spanish Consulate, hence the name, the Spanish Square. The steps consist of 137 steps. Above the stairs, Trinita dei Monti Cathedral Bell Tower and Obelisk are located which create a wonderful atmosphere. As it is one of the most famous landmarks in Rome, it is always crowded with people. If you want to take great photos, we recommend you visit early in the morning.


Address: Piazza di Spagna, Rome



Rome tiramisu POMPI



It is famous for the tiramisu which is located in front of the Spain Square and Condotti street. There are two branches in Rome, one of which is a bit far from the tourist sites but this is where you can sit and enjoy your tiramisu in a camler environment. The one in front of Spain Square is small and only has 2-3 tables to stand and eat. If you do not want to eat right away, you can buy frozen tiramisu and enjoy it later in your room.


Address: Via della Croce, 82, Rome

Hours of operation: Weekdays 10:30-22:00 / Weekend 10:30-23:00






Popolo Square means a square of the public and is a round plaza. There is a Port Popolo which serves as a gateway between Rome and the outside world, before the construction of Termini station, the main station of Rome. In the middle of the square, there is a huge obelisk that was pillaged by Emperor Augustus's conquest of Egypt. In the center of the square, you will see the Santa Maria dei Miracoli Cathedral and the Sana Maria Montesanto Cathedral which stand like twins. 


Address: Piazza del Popolo, Rome 



Rome risotto restaurant NAUMACHIA



This restaurant located a 10 minute walk from the Colosseum. Did you enjoy pizza and pasta during your trip in Rome? And do you want to try some other dishes? We recommend you to order the risotto then. The main ingredient of risotto is rice, and the dish can be flavored with either  tomato sauce or truffles. Naumakiia seafood risotto is made with many kinds of seafood such as shrimp, mussel, and squid.


Address: Via Celimontana, 7, Rome

Hours of operation: Daily 11:00-24:00


Words by Youra CHOI

Photographs by Yuna LEE