Type:Chinese home cuisine

Address:22 Rue Hecter Malot, 75012, Paris(near Gare de Lyon)

Opening Hours: Monday - Sunday 12:00-15:00, 19:00-22:30 (Reservation required)



Shan Goût is the first Chinese home cuisine restaurant which combined the idea of ancient Chinese medicine and the traditional cooking skills in both China and the west in Paris. Shan Yi, the chef of Shan Goût, has his own understanding of cooking, and practiced this understanding in this restaurant founded in 2008, and was reported on by many French main stream medias in the next year.


The restaurant was named as one of the restaurants with the highest quality/price rate in Paris in 2010. And was also recommended by LV City Guide.



The seating area of Shan Goût is not very big, but well decorated. The restaurant is full of the feeling of Chinese traditional culture.


There's a wooden shelf near the window, with many teapots of different shapes on it.


Beside the carefully selected wines, there's also some plums which represented the traditional virtues of China on the bar counter. 



The menu of Shan Goût is short, but every dish was carefully prepared and cooked by the chef. Due to the strict high standard towards the materials, the materials of each dish required at least 4 days of preparation before being presented to the customers.


Nouille maison au sauce séame et chou mariné (Home made noodle with seasame sauce and pickled Chinese cabbage)

The noodle of Shan Goût combined the characteristics of many different parts of China. The noodle was made by the traditional skill of Qingtian, Zhejiang Province, the paste required one day of standing before used. And the pickles were made by the skill of Sichuan Province, it required at least one month to mature. The whippy noodles, crispy pickles with homemade seasame sauce provide a variety of mouthfeelings and unique flavor.


Raviolis grillés au porc, ciboulette (Fried pork and Chinese chives dumplings)

To reach the best mouthfeeling, the pork of the dumplings was pickled by salt and strong alcohol for 24 hours, and steeped in meat soup for one day before use. The rate of lean meat and fat is also strictly controlled. During cooking, the dumplings are fried twice by oil and meat soup, thus perfectly balancing the mouthfeeling of the crispy bottom and the juicy filling of the dumpling.


Canette à la vapeur, cannelle, ciboulette, écorce d'orange (Duck leg steamed with cinnamon, spring onion and dried orange peel)

The duck leg was prepared just as the pork, and steamed by chichen soup with dried orange peel of 5-10 years, cinnamon and homemade ginger caramel for 3 hours, then steeped in the original soup for 24 hours. The sauce of this dish is also made by the original soup. The carefully cooked duck leg is very soft and tasty.


Joue de boeuf fondante, sauce caramel à la pâte de haricot pimente, poivre sichuan (Braised face of beef with caramel sauce of Sichuan flavor)

This is a fusion dish of the famous French stewed beef and Sichuan cuisine. The face of beef contains lots of collagen, which is good for your health. The beef was braised by beef bone soup for 4 hours, combined with the special homemade sauce with a little bit of spicy flavor, the taste is delicious and unique. 


The chef of Shan Goût is very fond of the collocation of Chinese cuisine and wine, customers could order a glass of wine recommended by the chef to give yourself an unique and fascinating eating experience.



Using the O'bon Paris coupon, you could have a glass of wine for free.

During the weekends, the chef would invite the wineries of different regions of France to his restaurant to hold the tasting session of wine, and make different dishes to collocate with the wine.

The restaurant also provides blocking feast service. 



Photography: Jaeun HAN

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