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Stéphane Chapelle

Category: Paris Flower Shop

Opening hours: Tuesday - Friday 10h - 20h, Monday, Saturday 10h - 18h

Address: 29 Rue de Richelieu, 75001 Paris (next to Palais Royale)

Price: Bouquet 30 € and onwards


 Flower decorations have always been an integral part of French culture. It is an indispensable part of the French interior decoration . Although there are several florists in every street of Paris, Stephane Chapelle has earned a distinct name for flower arrnagments in the city.

Florist "Stephane Chapelle" florist shop is  in the street just behind the Palais Royale in the 1st arrondismment of Paris. Once you step in the store, you would feel like you entered a magical garden . The ambience excudes elegance ,sophistication and beauty.

Arrangement of Mr. Stephen,attracts  worlds attention and his work is appreciated not just in apris but worldwide. He recenlty handled the decoration of Chanel's haute couture collection.   Florist from all over yearn to learn and train from him and amdire his asthetic sense.

Mr. Stephen Chapel's flower  arrangment style is a little different from the preconceptions of the flowers we have "colorful and glamorous and pretty". Even  his work  seems to be living carelessly, a stunning sense of balance is kept. A selection of yellow, purple and green flowers is as chic as a parisian can be.

When Mr. Stephane makes a bouquet or a flower arrangement, he is conscious of  the "French flow elegance that can be considered beautiful decades later", characterized by an arrangement that complements the main flowers, avoiding excessive decoration .

Mr. Stephan finds value in "Intemporel" meaning "timeless " in French. He  emphasizes on the "quality" of the flowers themselves more than anything else. Even in the creation of works and arrangements, he  places emphasis on beauty that does not change even over the times.Timeless Elegance.

We  asked about the charm of Stephan Chapelle to the staff who is training under Mr. Stefan they said , "He have the most unappealing axis for beauty.In the industry, Mr. Stephan is not captivated by change and is able to work with a sense of security and certainity".


In shop making and arranging, Mr. Stephan seems to be conscious of "to eliminate the boundary between outside and inside".


The high  ceilings and the openess makes you feel like you are  somewhere in forest. It complements the beauty of the material of the flower itself. The vibe  is simple yet warm, the interior is cozy . you would  feel his  ''timeless''philosophy here as well.


Mr. Stefan, who is in charge of a shows at Maison, Chanel and Louis Vuitton etc. His  artistic sense was recognized and an exhibition that featured Stephan Chapelle took place  in the Palace of Versailles . The reason why Mr. Stephen entered the flower world was surprisingly simple as it was because he met a friend working in the flower world in his  twenties and never looked back.

Would you like to touch the world of flowers of Stephen Chapelle and get a indpeth sense of french beauty ?



It is also recommended that you  should visit this place when in paris and expreicne the nostalgia yourself.

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