Flamenco performance in Barcelona

Barcelona Flamenco performance : TARANTOS

Spain is a country of passion and Gypsy culture. Flamenco, is a cultural Gypsy dance and a must-see show when you visit Spain. As it is a representative art culture of Spain, you can enjoy their performances in most Spanish cities. In Barcelona, there is a flamenco performance where you can enjoy at a reasonable price at a venue called TARANTOS.


Spain Flamenco

Flamenco passion flowing all over a small stage

Flamenco is an art created by ethnic minorities who settled in Andalusia, southern Spain, after being driven out of India in the 15th century. The content of the song represents the gypsies themselves who have wandered through various countries. It talks about their frustration, sorrow, and sadness of life. That translates when you watch flamenco performances, as the dancers' face expressions look dark and heavy, and the voice of musicians is expressed sadly. Flamenco is composed of baile (dance), toque (guitar playing), and a cante (song). During Tarantos performance, you can enjoy all three at once. 


What to see in Barcelona : Flamenco

Tarantos is best suited for people who are experiencing a flamenco performance for the first time. It is perfect to experience a different culture with a 35-minute performance time and a reasonable price of 15 euros. Tarantos is located in the Reial square of the old Gothic district which is a typical local spot where many tourists visit. Don't forget to stop by a special street lamp in Reial square which is the first work of the architect, Gaudi. 



Tarantos is designed with tablao, a small flamenco stage, and a small bar on the side. This structure is a traditional flamenco performance stage. Although flamenco's origin is from Andalucia, Tarantos is one of the popular venues that has a traditional and unique atmosphere of flamenco.


Barcelona TARANTOS reservation

O'bon Paris' tip

Flamenco is a passionate genre with singing and dance that express the sadness and fear of gypsies. You can truly enjoy its enthusiasm that you can only feel in the original show. As flamenco is appreciated as one of UNESCO cultural heritages, do not miss the performance if you visit Spain. It is better to reserve your place in advance because there are more demands during peak seasons.

There is also a small bar on one side of the hall because in Spain, people have a drink like wine or champagne while enjoying a show. Grab a glass and enjoy this wonderful cultural experience!


Words by Youra CHOI

Photographs by Yuna LEE


Address : Plaça Reial, 17, 08002 Barcelona, Spain

Transportaion : Metro L3 Liceu

Schedule : Daily 20:30, 21:30, 22:30

Website : Click here