What to eat in Barcelona

During the travel, trying new gastronomic dishes is one of our main enjoyment. And it is a way of understanding and learning their culture. In this sense, Barcelona is one of the best places that you can have fun by seeing great architectures and eating delicious foods during your stay. Here, we will introduce some dishes which you should try in Barcelona. 


Barcelona Tapas



Spanish tapas is famous all over the world. The signboards 'Tapas' are eailsy seen in Spain. Tapas is not a term referring to a specific food. It refers to ordering a small amount of food. It can be ordered in units or in small quantities, so it is less expensive and you can try a variety of tapas. We will introduce typical tapas menus in the list.


BREAD WITH TOMATO Pan con tomate



One of the most common appetizers in Barcelona restaurants. On the top of a crunchy bread, garlic and tomatos are rubbed softly like a jam. Above them you can add olive oil or salt as you want. It is a simple and delicious appetizer. In some places, they serve bread, garlic, tomatos and other materials seperately so that you can make yourself at the table. If you make it yourself, you can enjoy better crispy texture .


Spanish omelet, tortilla



As Spanish omelet is made of eggs, tomatoes, and onions, it is good for breakfast menu like omelet. Compared to the ordinary omelets, it seems to be more dense and thicker. If you prefer a light taste, we recommend you to order without onions. This dish is also often seen in tapas bar.


Barcelona razor shell



Barcelona beach which is one of tourist attractions makes its seafood dish famous too. One of the typical seafood tapas is this razor shell tapas. You can enjoy sour taste by squeezing the lemon piece above. 


Barcelona honey codfish



It is a dish made by adding garlic, olive oil, mayonnaise, and honey on the cooked soft cod. Fish and honey may seem to be an unfamiliar combination but it goes well together than you might imagine. When you continue eating the honey codfish, you might think it is too sweet. At that time, we recommend you to take the sauce off a little and eat the codfish by itself. And be aware that there may be small fish thorns.


gambas al ajillo



It is a dish which everyone might love. It is made of fresh shrimp, olive oil and garlic flakes. You can try to dip bread into olive oil sauce and eat. It is a great harmony. We strongly recommend you to eat with Sangria or Spanish beer.


Barcelona pulpo octopus



Seasoned with olive oil, sea salt and paprika on top of octopus. The combination between octopus and mayonnaise sauce seems awesome too. The octopus indeed has a chew texture but it is also soft. Below the octopus, the mashed potatoes are serves together which make you feel full. 


Spain paella




If you are in Spain, the first thing you might think of is paella. There is a meat paella, seafood paella, and mix paella with which you can enjoy both meat and seafood at the same time. Also, You can try special version of paella; black paella with squid ink which you can encounter new visual and flavor. Seafood paella is a familiar taste that you might imagine. So if you want to try something unique, we recommend a black paella.

Generally, paella can be ordered for minimum two people but nowadays some restaurants offer a dish for one person. So, even if you are solo-traveler, you can try a paella without difficulties. 


Spain snack churros



Spanish national snack, Churros. You can enjoy the simple churros but the typical way of eating Churros in Spain is eating by dipping churros in a warm chocolate. That's why it is common for young Spanish people to eat after drinking alcohols. If you find out 'XURRERIA' signs, stop by and try one of them. The price is also very cheap.


Barcelona dessert crema catalana



Crema Catalana is one of typical desserts in Barcelona. It looks like similar to the French dessert Creme brulee. Creme brulee is usually eaten warm while Crema Catalana is served in a cool state. In Crema Catalana, lemon and cinnamon are added so that the taste is more sweet and its aftertaste is fresher. It is easy to find in restaurant's dessert menu or cafe's menu.


Spain iberico jamon



When you travel Spain, you can often see the pig legs hanged in markets or restaurants. Spain is the largest producer of dried ham in the world and the thinly sliced of dried pig legs is Jamon. Among them, Iberico jamon from Iberico black pig is the most famous with its quality and taste. A good jamon is not too salty nor too tough. The price of jamon is varied based on its quality and its origin of the pig. Generally, the jamon from local production is good enough to try.


Barcelona Spain sangria



Sangria is the drink that you must try in Spain. It is made with red wine and sweet fruits such as apple and lemon. So it is a good choice for people who can't drink alcohol a lot. Also there are different kinds of sangria which is made with white wine, rose wine, or even non-alcohol wine.


Words by Youra CHOI

Photographs by Yuna LEE