Taste of Paris, held in the Grand Palais of France in the spring of 2017. It is a large-scale gastronomic festival and food exposition with a splendid lineup inviting more than 50 star chefs from France to the venue. Most of the world's three star restaurants are French restaurants, and the popular gastronomic magazine Michelin has its own Parisian restaurants, thus making taste of Paris one of the best gourmet festivals in the world.


Gourmet food festivals are a relatively new genre. But they are rapidly growing in terms of popularity and awareness. From the domestic Blue Ribbon Survey gourmet festival in 2016 to the Madrid Food Fest in Spain, Gourmet food festivals are certainly taking over.

Taste of Paris isn’t just a food fiesta but it also has great music, restaurant some of the top star chefs, open space for cooking, and culinary stage and much more


The admission fee is 20 Euros for adults. The tasting will be done by filling the card with a free card. The price of food varies from 5 Euros to 12 Euros, and an additional fee of about 25 Euros per person is required to eat it. But as a result, when you think you taste the signature main dishes of many famous Parisian Michelin-rated French restaurants, you can taste them at a relatively inexpensive price, which might not be reasonable for everyone but certainly satisfactory, but at a reasonable price. (Estimated total spend: 40-50 Euros).


Michelin Guide

As soon as you enter from the entrance, you can see the Michelin Guide's event site. A Michelin guide that has become a world-class gourmet guidebook. Today, it is one of the most influential companies in the gourmet world that selects famous restaurants from all over the world, grants from one star up to three stars and defines the international level of the restaurants.



Maison lenotre is a bakery brand derived from the restaurant of the gaston lenotre French chef who died in 2009. Le Notre is especially famous for its pound cake called quatre-quarts in French.


Walking around the stalls There are a number of brand introduction spaces that have many free tasting opportunities. We would like to introduce some of them. They are a caviar and fish egg brand with a tradition of about 20 years. The prices of sturgeon eggs ranged from 23 euros to 200 euros.



Spanish olive oil with strong flavour oro bailen. The product we tasted was rich in flavour and fragrance. Prices start at 9 Euros and are relatively inexpensive.



After tasting several stalls food exhibitions, we arrived at the kitchenette of the Michelin-starred star, Knight Boa Chef. We joined the long queue to try his signature dish.


Brioche with regular mushrooms and truffles paired with bread,  Artichoke soup with truffle mushrooms. It is a short chance to enjoy the soup made by the truffle wizard and we loved it.



The famous chef THIERRY MARX, who serves as the Paris branch chef at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, As soon as he enters the kitchen, his professional appearance directs the chef and staff with his charismatic eyes, contrasted with the guests.


Of the menus, we tasted two meals. The first one was the mushroom in a poultry chicken and rolled like a kimbap and then fried, and served with a special sauce. Ravioli filled with chicken was light to the palette but satisfying. For reference, this dish is representative of Mandarin Oriental Restaurant.


And the second dish was an emulsion with truffle mushrooms, the stacked macaroni and calf hind legs. The truffle emulsion had a soft texture and was made with a special technology that harmonizes the unique texture of the calf's foot and the liquid that does not mix. The dishes were perfect, from plates to palette and  the concept was  fresh.



CHRISTOPHE ADAM in the party who is  named as a genius of the éclair. He has a reputation for being one of the best Pascati in France, and has several eclair desserts that are full of creativity and quality. The chain, which has the theme of a cake shop called Ecclair, has several shops in the center of Paris, as well as all over the world.



Frederick Anton, who is a French chef who has been maintaining a three-star since 2002, has also visited Taste of Paris. Located in the Blouneu forest, the restaurant is located in the middle of the forest, which is about 30 minutes away from the city of Paris, and the location of the restaurant is also very special.


French celebrity showdown program TOP CHEF 2017 winner, Jeremy was attracting many people in the festival his presence.


There will also be a variety of star chefs in the Taste of Paris 2018 event. We will be there to experience the taste of paris again, Will you?

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