The 10 must parisian flower photo places to visit

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Paris in spring

One day, an American artist whose name is Corita Kent said “flowers grow out of dark moments”. Yes, these lovely flowers in Paris bloom again this spring at the end of the long long, and cold winter, as every year. And one day, we believe that we'll be able to enjoy a bloomy moment at the end of this long long situation, traveling in the attractive city, Paris. So we would like to show you where to admire the bloomy Parisian vibes when you come back here. (In the photo above, you can see the flowers in Champ de Mars in late March).



Eiffel Tower

Cherry blossom in Eiffel tower

Let's start with the iron lady representing Paris. In Jardin du Trocadéro across the Seine river, cherry blossoms on each side of the garden will be a nice element for your Eiffel Tower photos in spring. We advise visiting here in the early morning to avoid many people. The flowers bloom in mid-April.


Address : Place du Trocadéro et du 11 Novembre, 75016 Paris



Jardin des Tuileries

Jardins des tuileries

If you prefer the magnolia to cherry blossom, Jardin de Tuileries can be a nice choice. As it's just next to the Louvre museum and Places de la Concorde, you will surely pass by here. If you come to Paris in mid-March, it won't be difficult to find this place.


Address : Place de la Concorde, 75001 Paris



Palais Royal

Palais Royal flower

If you head in the opposite direction of the Jardin des Tuileries from the Louvre museum, You'll also meet magnolia and other beautiful flowers in this adorable place. This place is frequently used as a filming location such as Emily in Paris recently, which means it's one of the best places where you can feel the Parisian vibes. 


Address : 8 Rue de Montpensier, 75001 Paris



La Grande Mosquée

grande mosquee paris

Grande Mosquée is one of the secret gardens in Paris. Particularly in late April - early May, beautiful wisteria flowers bloom on the walls of the garden. This exotic beauty will make you feel like to be a princess in a mystery palace. We recommend visiting in the morning. 


Address : 2 bis Place du Puits de l'Ermite, 75005 Paris
Opening Hours : Mon-Thur, Sat-Sun 9:00-16:00 / Closed on Friday




odette paris

Odette near Notre Dame de Paris is a good photogenic bloomy place in the Latin Quarter in spring. This is famous for its cute choux. if you are going to visit near Notre Dame(even if it's under construction), you'll have to stop by here to take a look and taste good choux. For the flowers, late March would be the right time.


Address : 77 Rue Galande, 75005 Paris
Opening Hours : Weekend 11:00-19:00 / Closed on weekdays



Shakespeare and Company

Shakespeare and company Paris

And near Odette, you will surely visit this famous English book store with a Frenchy atmosphere. And in spring, it must be more beautiful with cherry blossoms. But these flowers don't bloom at the same time as the flowers near Odette. Here is rather mid-late April.


Address : 37 Rue de la Bûcherie, 75005 Paris
Opening Hours : Mon-Fri 14:00-18:30 / Weekend 11:30-18:30



Square Gabriel Pierné

Where to see cherry blossom in Paris

Saint Germain des Près must be one of the most Parisian quarter in Paris whose image is chic and arty. And you can't miss this lovely square full of cherry blossom under the Parisian blue dome. As it's already famous as a photo place, you will easily see some influencers taking their photos and yourself doing the same thing as what they do because it's too lovely, instagrammable. Flowers bloom also in mid-April.


Address : 5 Rue de Seine, 75006 Paris
Opening Hours : Mon-Fri 8:00-20:30 / Weekend 9:00-20:30



Parc de Sceaux

Parc de Sceaux

Though this is not precisely in Paris, we are sure that most of Parisians love this place to admire cherry blossom. Parc de Sceaux is considered chic, but in spring it becomes rather lovely with the pink flowers.


Address : Domaine départemental de Sceaux, 8 Avenue Claude Perrault, 92330 Sceaux
Opening Hours : Every day 7:00-19:00



Rue de Fourcy

where to see flowers in Paris

When you take a look at some photos on Instagram in spring, at least once you'll have to see this place. It means that it's one of the most Parisian, flowery, and well-located places in Paris. It's situated near Marais district, at the same time, there are not many people passing by here so it can be a good choice for a Parisian photo place.


Address : Rue de Fourcy, 75004 Paris



Parc Georges Brassens

paris flower

This park is not in a touristic quarter but if you are a cherry blossom lover, this place will be a good place to take good photos. When you get to the park, as you see in the photo, two big cherry trees will greet you.


Address : 2 Place Jacques Marette, 75015 Paris
Opening Hours : Every day 8:00-17:45



Rue Villebois Mareuil

cherry blossom paris

Same to Parc Georges Brassens, though this place would not that interesting for tourism except Château de Vincennes and it's not even in Paris but Vincennes, it can be a must place for french cherry blossom photos. Even if it's not in Paris, you don't have to worry. It doesn't take an hour on the RER train. Flowers bloom in mid-April.


Address : Rue Villebois Mareuil, 94300 Vincennes


 Author - Soonmin Hong

Photographs - O'bon Paris team