TikTok Beauty Trends

Clean girl makeup, Skin flooding, Soap brow makeup

TikTok Beauty Trends

As the influence of the app "TikTok" has increased a lot, a variety of trends appearing on TikTok are rapidly becoming popular. Among them, beauty trends stand out the most, because the beauty trends appearing on TikTok are becoming the overall beauty trends beyond the MZ generation. Previously, makeup videos with professional makeup skills and video editing were spread mainly through YouTube, but nowadays, people get makeup information from more creative and funnier videos like TikTok rather than static and professional ones. There is no reason not to be fascinated by TikTok videos that show unique and creative beauty skills without perfect production, mostly in a short time of one minute.

TikTok Beauty idea hacks

Since everyone can be a creator on TikTok, the scale of information is enormous. Likewise, creative contents are huge as well. The notable characteristic of TikTok beauty is that we can easily access the beauty routines created by ordinary people. Moreover, diversity is respected on TikTok. As all people of various races, genders, and features are sharing their own information, minorities or even people with diseases can have a special opportunity to be shared beauty information from people similar to them. Another feature of TikTok beauty is a naturalness. TikTokers naturally show their self-consciousness on the video, such as acne, cellulite, and stretch marks, which have been busy to be hidden for so-called perfection. Like a trend called ‘#acne positivity’, which is to accept incomplete beauty and add to the perception that it is natural, TikTok is a very positive phenomenon that expands the definition of beauty. 

TikTok's representative beauty trends include Soap brow makeup, clean girl makeup, skin flooding, and so on. Maybe you have already seen them once before. These are the trends created by the general public sharing their own makeup tutorials, not famous beauty creators. In this article, I will introduce these three representative TikTok beauty trends.



#Clean Girl Makeup

Clean Girl Makeup

#Clean girl makeup is similar to an ‘effortless chic look’. This makeup does not seem to be dressed/done makeup with much effort, but it is makeup that gives an elegant and casual look. In other words, it is a makeup that avoids colorful colors, shiny glitter, or thick foundation on the face, and uses thin/light foundation or sunscreen like their own skin, simply soap brow lifting rather than makeup on eyebrows, and neutral colors on lips and cheeks. This look skips eyeliner or puts it lighter with eyeshadow but makes the eyes highlighted with mascara. Above all, the highlight of this makeup is the glossy lip using lip gloss with low or light saturation, which can make the lips shiny and plump. In addition, blusher except bright colors is also important, a rose-colored cream blusher is recommended. To give less color, but only the glow to the skin.

tiktok Clean Girl Makeup

If you want a chic and elegant look, try this #clean girl makeup. It will be easy to follow, it doesn’t need special skills other than glamourous makeup.

monge lip gloss blusher

I recommend you some products for clean girl makeup. First, there is a Lip gloss from Eneomey(Lip Nutrition - Gloss hydratant nourrissant). This lip gloss has a very natural color which is like a natural lips color but makes your lip glossy and plump. Also, I recommend Joli Blush from Clarins, it is a neutral-colored blush that is perfect for clean and elegant cheeks. With these two products, make your perfect clean girl look. You can find these 2 products in Monge at a discounted price with O'bon Paris coupon.



#Skin Flooding

#Skin Flooding trend means literally ‘flooding’ on the skin. In other words, the skin has become full of moisture like a flood. This trend has emerged as a way to soothe the skin, especially for the period of the season changing after the cold winter. 

Skin FloodingThis trend is simple. It is a process of putting moisturizing products on the skin in a set order so that moisture can stay on the skin for a long time. First, wash your skin clean, and ready to hydrate your skin with a hydrating spray. Put hyaluronic acid serum on your skin, and finish with moisturizer or cream. The point is the serum and cream that you layer. The hyaluronic acid serum will give your skin a calming effect and full moisture, and then the cream will completely hold the moisture in your skin. The principle is that facial cream seals moisture into the skin.

For those whose skin becomes dry around the time of the season changing, it would be good to try it. However, it may not be suitable for sensitive or acne-prone skin.

Hyalu B5 Serum from La Roche-Posay There are also recommended products for skin flooding, which are Hyalu B5 Serum from La Roche-Posay and Premier Cru Rich Cream from Caudalie. La Roche-Posay’s Hyalu B5 Serum is a serum that contains concentrated hyaluronic acid and vitamin B5 to help with moisturization, so it is suitable for the step of putting a hyaluronic acid serum.

Premier Cru Rich Cream CaudalieCaudalie’s Premier Cru Rich cream is perfect for the cream to put on the skin after Hyaluronic Acid Serum. Since the bio-ceramide in the cream is similar to a skin barrier that strengthens the skin, it prevents moisture loss and provides comfort for dry and sensitive skin. Try skin flooding with the two products! They are also available in the Monge beauty shop and you can purchase them at a discounted price with the O'bon Paris coupon here.



#Soap Brow Makeup

Soap Brow MakeupMakeup using soap, I know, it sounds pretty weird. Although it sounds ridiculous to use remover and makeup at the same time, Soap Brow Makeup is one of the TikTok beauty trends gone viral the most. Soap Brow Makeup is literally eyebrow makeup using a soap, after rubbing a screw brush sufficiently wet with water or a fixer into a dry soap to lift the eyebrow like the desired eyebrow shape. It is possible because the wax component of soap fixes eyebrows like a brow fixer. However, it is a great advantage that it can be expressed in a more transparent and natural way than using the brow fixer.

tiktok Soap Brow MakeupFor soap, you must choose a transparent glycerin soap without any color to successfully complete your makeup. One thing to be careful of is that you have to do it from the beginning of your makeup. This is because if you do soap brow makeup after base makeup, a screw brush with soap can erase your base makeup around your eyebrows. And after done soap brow, I recommend finishing the area around the eyebrows matte with powder to prevent the soap smudging and erasing the makeup around your eyebrows.  

monge pharmacy soap recommendation

For the soap brow makeup, I also introduce the recommended product, Savon Crème Nourrissant from Cavailles and Savon De Provence Chevrefeuil from La Corvette. Both are transparent glycerin soaps, so perfect for trying Soap brow makeup ! They can be found at Monge beauty shop in Paris.


We have looked at TikTok Beauty, which has rapidly become a notable beauty trend in recent years, and three representative examples of TikTok beauty. TikTok Beauty is one of the good social media effects in that anyone can become a beauty creator and share their own useful tips. Follow the examples above and also share your own beauty tutorial on TikTok. Who knows, you could be a TikTok beauty creator as well ! 

And if you are planning to purchase the products above to try these TikTok beauty trends, you can find all the products at Monge Beauty shop in Paris. Don't forget to download O'bon Paris coupon by clicking here to get discounted and tax refund.


Author : Yewon

TikTok Beauty Trends

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