After a long winter, April finally came. Spring is always a fascinating season. "One year's plan starts with spring," and in Paris, the "city of art" and "romantic capital", spring is just in front of your door. The awakening of all things, the blooming of flowers, just thinking about this picture would already make people feel warm.

Some places in the world are always suitable for flower-seeing trips. Of course, there are also many beautiful parks scattered throughout Paris. Let's take a look at the five parks worth exploring in spring of Paris!


1. Jardin du Palais-Royal

Address: 6 Rue de Montpensier, 75001 Paris

Transportation: Palais-Royal - Musée du Louvre station on metro line 1 or 7,  Bourse station on metro line 3

Opening hours: 08:00–20:30


The first park we visited was the Royal Garden next to the Louvre. Even before entering the park we could smell the flowers. Quiet benches, beautiful fountains, and people lazily basking in the sun. This view made me feel exceptionally relaxed.


The tulips in the park blossomed very well, I can hardly resist picking them.


The pink flowers hung over the treetops, and the clouds were thick and fluffy as if they were about to fall from the sky. "How great would it be if Paris was so sunny every day," I thought to myself. However, many things are worth cherishing because their rarity.


2. Jardin du Luxembourg

Address: Place Edmond Rostand

Transport: Metro Line 4 Saint-Germain-des-Prés, Line 10 Odéon or Mabillon; RER B: Luxembourg-Sénat Station

Opening hours: 7h30-20h00 (in April)


After a long absence, green passed winter and restored its freshness and brightness. The Luxembourg Garden is one of my favorite parks in Paris. When I first entered this park, I saw many tourists and runners. There was a tree which was full of pink flowers just near the gate, I approached it even before I realized.


 As entered further in the garden, we could see a huge fountain. People leisurely sat on the edge of the fountain and basked in the sun. Next to the people, ducks slowly waded on the water.


The yellow flowers in the garden reminded people of the bright yellow color in Van Gogh's paintings. However, a beautiful garden like this was so popular that the seats could be all taken really soon! So come as early as possible if you want to snag a chair.


The garden is very large. If you were tired, you could also find a café to have a rest, read the newspaper and drink coffee.


3. Champ de Mars

Address: 2 Allée Adrienne Lecouvreur, 75007 Paris

Transport: Metro Line 8, École Militaire Station

Opening hours: 24h/24h


Champ de Mars is the largest square in front of the Eiffel Tower and is also known as the “March Square Park”. Here, you could not only see many locals, but also the tourists from all over the world. Whether or not you admire the flowers, this is a must-see destination in Paris.


Surrounded by pink flowers, the iron tower, a seemingly cold building, was a little more tender.


Feel free to find an empty place, spread out a blanket and have a picnic with friends or family. It is the most popular way to enjoy the Paris's leisure life.


4. Parc de Sceaux

Address: Domaine départemental de Sceaux, 8 Avenue Claude Perrault, 92330 Sceaux

Transport: RER B : Bourg-la-Reine, Parc-de-Sceaux, La Croix-de-Berny; Bus: 192 -197 - 379 - 395

Opening hours: 7h00-21h00


Took the RER B line to the “Parc de Sceaux” station, the view changed along the way from the city to the countryside. There were few people on the train and that made me feel relaxing. The park was just a few minutes walk from the station.


If you are tired of the city life in Paris, it would be a good choice to relax yourself here for two or three days. On the day of our visit, the flower buds had not fully bloomed yet, but this is the best flower viewing location in Paris, so be sure not to miss it. When the flowers were full of branches, it would be amazing.


In addition to the pink flowers, there were also lovely white flowers which are hard to see in other parks.


Walked through the grasslands of the center and headed east, you could see a castle with a huge lawn (Chateau de Sceaux), much like the garden in front of Versailles. France, which is blessed by God, is always making others feel envy. How could a park be so beautiful?


5. Parc Andre Citroen

Address: 2 Rue Cauchy, 75015 Paris

Transportation: Metro Javel Station

Opening hours: 08h00 à 20h30


This is a vibrant city park. The huge hot air balloon and the creative city architecture merge with the surrounding green areas, reminded us of the fusion of civilization and nature.


In addition to admiring the flowers, many people sat on the benches near the entrance to the park and enjoyed the sunshine.



There are many spots to explore in Paris in the spring season. Take advantage of the weekend, it is better to go out, have a walk and live up to this great spring.

Author: Wang Fang

Photography: Yuna Lee