@unrêve Parisian Brunch

If you're looking for a place to enjoy a French-Asian fusion brunch in Paris, consider visiting the cafe @unrêve, located in the 11th arrondissement.

@unrêve is run by a France born Chinese owner who graduated from the famous French culinary school Le Cordon Bleu. The cafe combines elements of French and Asian cuisine in their brunch and pastries. You can indulge in a variety of unique and harmonious dishes, such as Japanese-style bread, black sesame croissant, Shitake avocado toast, lemon Mont Blanc, and matcha chocolate cake, where French dishes are infused with Asian ingredients.

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The cafe's interior is also filled with Asian sensibilities, featuring white and wooden tones that create a bright and inviting ambiance reminiscent of cafes in Asian countries.

There are variety of options available, including vegan options, each with detailed explanations in both French and English, making it easy to understand the ingredients used in each dish.


Franco-Asian Brunch

french toast

The Franco-Asian Brunch offers French dishes with Asian twists. For instance, the chicken toast is served with a black bean sauce base, combining well with chicken tenders and Japanese-style bread, creating a unique Asian savor.

vegetarian brunch

The vegan croissant features a blend of French croissant and miso eggplant, offering an interesting fusion of flavors that you might not have experienced before.

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One of the standout dishes is the Matcha Pancake Salé, where matcha-infused pancakes are complemented by a soy sauce-based sauce, enhancing the Asian vibe. The pancake is topped with lotus root garnish, adding a strong Asian visual appeal. The combination of Asian flavors in a French brunch setting is particularly intriguing.


 French dessert, reborn with Asian interpretation

french dessert

The dessert menu also shows blend of French traditional desserts with Asian elements. You can find classic French desserts like Mont Blanc and macarons alongside Asian-inspired treats like black sesame flan and cookies.

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Additionally, they serve a variety of Asian desserts, including Bingsu options such as black sesame and taro bubble bingsu, matcha strawberry cheesecake bingsu, and mango bingsu, providing a refreshing way to beat the summer heat.You can enjoy the Bingsu just during the summer (usually mid-May to end of the August). Do not miss the summer Bingsu this summer ! 

paris bingsu

The mango bingsu, topped with condensed milk, offers an intensified sweetness, and you can enjoy the sweetness of French desserts alongside it with the accompanying madeleines.

Do note that bingsu is available for ordering from 12:00 PM on weekdays and 3:00 PM on weekends. 

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@unrêve also offers various drinks, including a selection of Chinese teas, so you can enjoy a diverse range of beverages along with your meal.


How to go to @unrêve

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Here are the details for visiting @unrêve:

Address: 28, avenue Parmentier, 75011 Paris

Transportation: Metro line 9 Voltaire station or Saint-Ambroise station / Metro line 3 Rue Saint-Maur station

Opening Hours: Wednesday-Sunday 09:30 - 08:00

Contact: 01 48 05 94 36

Enjoy your Franco-Asian twist brunch experience at @unrêve in the heart of Paris!