Caudalíe - the new vineyard in the heart of Louvre

The legend

Caudalíe is a wonder in ecological skin care, inspired by the family-owned vineyard in Bordeaux, France. The legend started when Mathilde Thomas met Professor Joseph Vercauteren in 1993, who was a specialist in Polyphenols, and they dug out the treasure in grape seeds. The product line has been developed from 2 face creams singly based on Polyphenols to various collections of anti-aging skin care, body care, perfume and sun protection. The brand has been distributed around the world within 3 Caudalíe patents, Resveratrol, Viniferine and Polyphenols.


New Boutique Spa

'Set deep within the vines, the Les Sources de Caudalie Spa is a treasure-trove of our products', the first Vinothérapie spa was created in 1999 after Mathilde Thomas discovered hot spring at Château Smith Haut Lafitte, where your body could get all the exclusive treatments using pure products in a heavenly environment. Now Caudalíe has brought this treatment and tranquility to the Carrousel du Louvre, near the emblematic upside-down Pyramid, which is built by the french carpenter to show the respect for brand origin.


The interior decoration well reflects the personal style of Mathilde Thomas and her brand concept. The flat screen displaying the image of grapevines of Bordeaux is eye-catching, making you feel like trolling down the vineyard and smelling the fragrance of ripping fruits. Your skin wants to breath with the raw wood which is the dominant material in the deco. An artistic piece of grape sculpture is floating in the air , embracing you to the world of Caudalíe.


Together with one of the brand's best sellers, grape water, photos are on display telling the old history of Caudalíe as well as its scientific discovery from raw plants.





 In the centre, the beauty barrel bar allows you to discover all the products yourself. If you're confused or curious, don't hesitate to ask Vinotherapist for help, you're more than welcome!


What will be exclusive for your visit:

  • The " Instant Beauty Flash Facial"

A Caudalíe facial spa which lasts for ten minutes, a quick fix for your skin without any appointment

  • Hand exfoliation

A massage with Hand and Nail Cream

  • Unfindable products and spa products

Candles, bathrobes, "French Detox": organic vegetables, fruits and wheatgrass juices made in France


With O'bon Paris Coupon, we offer you:

  • A Caudalíe care for free with no purchase necessary (always can be used)
  • From € 50 purchase, you will be offered a Caudalíe cloth bag with 50ml tonic lotion and lipstick
  • From € 100 purchase, you will be offered a Caudalíe cloth bag with 50ml tonic lotion and lipstick + € 10

Address for O'bon Paris coupons:

1) Carrousel du Louvre, 99 rue de Rivoli Place de la Pyramide inversée Paris 1er (10am-8pm every day)

2) Le Marais, 8 Rue des Francs Bourgeois, 75003 Paris (11 am 7 pm every day except on Monday)


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