Bernard Zins

 "When you put on Zins' pants, you forget the one you just took off."

("Lorsque vous l'endossez vous oubliez celui que vous venez de quitter.")


Yves Saint Laurent once called Bernard Zins "the king of pants" for his impeccable tailoring techniques. Today we will take a look into this legendary story.

Bernard Zins had an engineering degree from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Arts et Métiers and also a degree in apparel from the Ecole Supérieure du Vêtement de Paris. He was crowned "the pants engineer" thanks to his rigorous education and seasoned experience in clothing. His engineer's quality – the pursuit of precision – made him a brilliant tailor.


Appointed Supplier for Global Luxury Brands

In 1948, under Marshall Plan cooperation, Bernard Zins was sent to the United States to lead a study. Inspired by the new processes, he developed his own adjustable waistband and industrialized pants with tailoring technique. Later in 1967, he founded his company and manufactured for luxury brands, for example, Chanel, Hermès, Lanvin, Louis Vuitton, Pierre Cardin, Yves Saint Laurent, Yohji Yamamoto, and many others. At the time, there were 750 employees working in his factories. The tailors have made concerted efforts on innovation, fabric selection, cutting precision, and manufacturing quality for this brand.


 A Brand New Boutique

Zins currently does not supply its pants to other brands. It focuses on its own brand. Its new boutique is on the rue de Luynes in the heart of Paris in Saint-Germain des Près. For those connoisseurs who know where to find their exquisite pants for their wardrobe, they are all there.


While entering the boutique, we can see the evolution of the hand-made pants from William, BZ V2 to BZ V3 – from wide to fit pants. The latest pants have tighter legs and lower waist. The redesign of the brand and the continuant of high quality are thoroughly executed in the latest BZ V3PF. PF is a reference to the French translation of French Fold-in "Pli français."

With the advice from their professional counselor, Jérôme, customers can be extremely satisfied to walk out with their comfortable French-cut pants.


 French Cut Creator

Jérôme told us about the brand history and the pants with confidence. His confidence came from his fondness to this brand. He wore the Zins' pants with French fold-in .The pleats let the front bottom part look smaller and the 3D cutting made the hips even more prominent. Many customers came back for this magical French cut. "Sometimes we cannot see the details of French cut," Jérôme explained, "you feel it once you wear it." Therefore, the French cut gives you the tightness without sacrificing the space in the crotch.


Extraordinary Details

Every detail makes Zins' pants extraordinary. At the front belt, there is a considerate (unique) buckle to insert the belt needle to avoid sliding. Zins also designs asymmetrical pocket holes (entry) with different colors. In the summer collection, the colors are even more distinct. The asymmetrical design is Zins' new signature. However, Zins keeps a traditional hidden pocket for storing pocket watch. Zins' pants mix innovation and tradition.


 Unyielding Innovation

Zins' style is neither plain nor boring tradition. They also provide pants with different patterns, like polka dots and argyles. Besides, their innovative techniques also introduced themselves to the Japanese market. The Bac collection first drew the attention of Japanese in the 80s and later the BZ V2 boomed in the market. They even carry smaller sizes (French size: 36) prominently for the Asian customers.


 Zins' Collection

Croisière collection is designed for people who want to enjoy the sunshine and outside activities. It is made of An exclusive silk and linen blend and a stretch chino. Outdoor lovers can select their pants for either summer or winter.

Travel collection provides the most comfort to the wearer. Travelers are not worried about any wrinkles created on pants during their long flight or under humid weather conditions. The anti-wrinkles feature also allows them to clean the pants in the washing machine.

Chino Chic collection maintains its materials for 30 years because the customers are just crazy for its comfort. Bernard Zins was the pioneer to use chino for quality tailored pants and made it trendy. That is why they called it Chino Chic.


They also have elegant and classic pants for women. The zippers are designed shorter but in fact, the crotches are longer. The execution of the pants thoroughly allows women to show the best curve of their bodies. Zins has light and dark color, tight and wide pants at choice. Couples are always leaving the store, accompanied with a pair of pants for both men and women.


"Mr. Zins, your pants walk by themselves."

It is a unforgettable experience to wear Zins' pants with comfort.



Frank Zins – the son of Bernard Zins – is the current CEO.


Address - 11 rue de Luynes, 75007 Paris – France

Access- Metro 12 - Rue du Bac station) / corner of 11 boulevard Raspail

Phone +33 9 82 54 70 66

Website -


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