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One of the most exciting things to do in Paris is to shop. France is where various world-renowned luxury brands made their start and are now adored worldwide. Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann, on Haussmann Boulevard, is known as one of the most traditional department stores and is located in the heart of Paris in the 9th arrondissement (borough). The location is right behind the stunning Opéra Garnier, another famous and must-see tourist spot. Galeries Lafayette is composed of three buildings which are: the Coupole - the main building, Homme - men's building, and Maison & Gourmet - home decor and gastronomy building. There are over 3,500 brands in total which give you an extremely rich selection and a great variety of items. Below, we have gathered a few tips in order for you to have the best experience at Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann.


How to find your way in Galeries Lafayette

Coupole : Main building

When you shop at Galeries Lafayette, you will be mainly in the main building, Coupole. You can discover women’s luxury brands, and cosmetics, kid’s fashion, toys, souvenirs, cafes, restaurants and Wellness space. There are numerous brands ranging from brands with affordable prices to luxury brands.


Homme : Men's building

The men's building is closely located as well. It’s accessible through a glass-made hallway on the 1st and 2nd floors from the main building. On the 4th floor, you can find the most emblematic fashion houses as well as spaces dedicated to the new guide of luxury. Always keeping an eye on new trends, the Galeries Lafayette Man's department offers him a luxury space where shopping rhymes with pleasure.



Gourmet store is located in front of the men's building. Galeries Lafayette Le Gourmet has been developing its in-store and online expertise in the world of gastronomy and the French art of living.
Here, you can purchase fresh ingredients, spices, wine, chocolate, macarons, and other products that can be souvenirs or gifts from your trip. Note that restaurants are also available.


Shopping Experience Pack - Enjoy the lounge and pickup service 

With Lafayette's special shopping experience service, you can enjoy a comfortable shopping experience. First of all, you can use the lounge. The advantage of this place is that you can get a tax refund while drinking tea comfortably without standing in line. You are able to feel at home in a unique and privileged place accessible at all times.

The second is the brand exchange voucher. If you get hungry or want to take a break from shopping, go to Dalaiyo in Lafayette Gourmet and present your voucher. You will be served a dessert or light lunch. The third is the taxi return service. After shopping, you can ask the staff in the customer lounge to have a chauffeur service on your way home or wherever you want to go. All of these benefits can be enjoyed at once with Lafayette's Shopping Experience service. The price of the service is reasonable and reservations are convenient. More details can be found in this article. If you use the discount code prepared by O'Bon Paris, you can use this service at a 10% discount. (Get discount code here

Personal shopper service at the VIP lounge 

For a more comfortable shopping experience at Galeries Lafayette, you can also use the personal shopping service in La Suite lounge. It will be the best way to enjoy the best luxury service. As a reservation is required, a personal shopper will be waiting for you at the appointed place and time. The personal shopper will take care of everything about your desire in Galeries Lafayette, what you have to do is just ask them if you have any clothes/products that you want to try. Also, if you get hungry while trying on the clothes, they will prepare some coffee, juice, champagne, and refreshments for you. This personal shopping service is definitely the best choice for your shopping experience in Paris. For more information about this, you can check this article.


Various cultural experience activities 

Apart from shopping, Lafayette offers a variety of activities that will add freshness to your trip in Paris. How about making a reservation for a one-day French cooking class, a macaron making class with children, or a fashion show? The one-day classes are also conducted in English, and the friendly instructors are culinary experts, so the quality of the classes is high. If you are interested in reservations and discount codes, please click this page.


Restaurant and cafe

First of all, the most accessible cafe is the COUTUME cafe on the 3rd floor of the main building. You can find the exceptional Coutume coffees on the 3rd floor of the Coupole store in Galeries Lafayette.
If you go down to the wellness area on the B1 floor, DS CAFE, which opened at the end of last year, awaits you. The DS Café offers dishes to enjoy on the spot or to take away, as well as freshly squeezed juices and smoothies full of vitamins, as well as homemade desserts such as apple crumble or the acai bowl. It is also a plus that the seats are wide and there are many seats.

If you go to the second floor of the Gourmet building, you can see the recently renovated Gourmet Table restaurants. There are small restaurants run by famous French chefs such as MORY SACKO, THIBAUT SPIWACK, YONI SAADA, and PIERRE SANG, where you can enjoy simple and healthy food at an affordable price between 10 and 20 euros. A variety of restaurants can be found inside the department store, such as MAMASENS, a fine dining restaurant serving Mediterranean food, and CREATEURS , a hot spot in Paris that is only open in summer on the rooftop of Lafayette. Please refer to this page for details.


How to get a tax refund

If you finished shopping in Galaries Lafayette, there is one thing you should not forget. Right, tax refund service. First of all, do not forget to bring the receipt and the actual passport. On the first floor of the main building of Lafayette, Coupole, right next to the Louis Vuitton store, there is a place called DETAXE, where you can apply for a tax refund. If you follow the passage like a white cave, you can see the tax refund machines. Shall we move to the front of the machine?

First, choose your preferred language. And choose the method you want to get a refund, such as credit card, cash, etc. Next, scan your passport. Please note that you cannot use copied one. Keep following the procedure of the machine, then the refund application will be completed easily. When the application is completed, put the refund document and your receipt in an envelope next to machine. You must keep it well and submit the documents at the airport before leaving Europe. It is so simple and easy! One tip for you is that you can also get tax refund even if you purchase more than 100 euros in total for two to three consecutive days. Therefore, you don’t have to purchase a large amount at once. In addition, tax refund is also available at the concierges and VIP lounge of Galeries Lafayette.


Get a gift with a special offer 

If you finished shopping as well as the tax refund application, visit the concierge desk on the first floor of the main building, Coupole, to get the special gift. At the concierge, you can receive free gifts below, which will vary depending on your purchase price. 

The benefits are as follows : 

1) 50€ ↑ Galeries Lafayette shopping bag + 12% tax refund
2) 200€ ↑ Galeries Lafayette Leather Wallet + 12% Tax refund
3) 250€ ↑ Kiehl's makeup bag with 4 beauty essentials + 12% Tax refund
4) 650€ ↑ Rituals beauty box or Diptyque Candle + 12% Tax refund + Lounge access and 1 Free Drink
5) 1200€ ↑ Clarins beauty set or St Dupont cardholder + 12% Tax refund + Lounge access and 1 Free Drink

Click here to get your free gift voucher ! 

After purchasing more than 600 euros, you can use the lounge by presenting the voucher downloaded above. Don't miss out on the opportunity to relax while having some coffee in the luxury lounge and get a private tax refund service.


Other useful information 

Rooftop access : Enjoy a magnificent view of Paris for free by going to the roof terrace of Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann. Take the escalator or elevator to the 8th floor. For all customers for free, anytime during the opening hours.
Toilet location : 6th floor 
Opening hours : Every day 11:00-20:00 

Galeries Lafayette useful informations

Galeries Lafayette

Opening hours: Every day 11:00-20:00 

Address: 40 Bd Haussmann Galeries Lafayette, 75009 Paris

Transportation: Metro line 7, 9 Chaussée d'Antin-La Fayette station / Metro line 3, 7, 8 Opéra station / Metro line 12 Trinité station / RER line A Auber station / RER line E Haussmann-St Lazare