Address: 11 Quai de Conti, 75006 Paris
Access: Metro line 4 Saint-Michel-Notre-Dame station
Period: September 6th to 20th, 2017
Admission: Adult 10 euros, Student 5 euros


In fact, this space is more known to us as one of the best chefs in Paris, having three stars rather than museums, the restaurant of <Guy Savoy>.


AD Intérieurs

Paris Mint turned into a space for about 10 interior designers selected by Marie Kalt, Editor-in-Chief of the magazine AD Intérieurs. A special opportunity to experience the interior design of the rooms, divided into 10 separate exhibition spaces, filled with different concepts.


This special exhibition includes not only interior designers but also craftsmen. The interior decorations that can be said to be the most beautiful in the world are waiting for us.


First of all, the exhibit begins with a colorful crystal chandelier and a banquet hall of the Paris Mint, full of lights with special shapes.



A large living room that goes beyond the banquet hall. It is an old-fashioned yet very contemporary space decorated by ELLIOTT BARNES, which creates a differentiated interior design with delicate touches while dealing with previously unattainable designs and materials.



This interior is a pop-art, red-passionate interior, created by MAURIZIO GALANTE and TAL LANCMAN, who are also Parisian haute couture costume designers.


A special room created by these two designers who combine the ambience of artworks and the ambiguity of high-end museums with kitsch. It was a place to remember more than any other place.



Have you ever been to the headquarters in Maison Hermès in Paris? If so, you might have seen the massive wooden sculptures that combine arts and crafts that weave wooden baskets in Hermes stores. DENIS MONTEL who was responsible for the interior design of the Hermes was also selected as the best 10 AD interior of the year.



Coexistence of technology and place. What is the future of interior design? MATHIEU LEHANNEUR, who reproduced the excellent contemporary apartment with the result of continuous research on advanced technology and new materials that are not often seen.


The room was full of experimental items such as soft light, beautiful curves and meeting of luxurious marble. There were lamps all over the apartment that seemed to be able to be made only with deep expertise in specific materials.



Unique environment with many crusted crustacean shells. THOMAS BOOG, one of the leading craftsmen, went beyond the frame of the mirror, which is the representative work, to the interior decoration and furniture.



GERT VOORJAN from Antwerp, Belgium. Luxurious wallpapers with expensive silk and extraordinary technique, window frames painted in vivid colors and wood decorations.


In addition, the large, well-tended plants were all over the place without any hesitation, and it was a magnificent room that created the atmosphere to meet in dreams.



The golden embroideries in the photographs and the fairy-tale decorations created by the antinodes of light are the result of the participation of artists from So-An and ISABELLE STANISLAS.



Interior and architectural projects of the group OITOEMPONTO who is responsible for the design team JACQUES BEC and ARTUR MIRANDA salon created by



There was an artist who created a dreamy laundromat, an unimaginable place when others clung to the same room as the bedroom and living room. Do not miss RODOLPHE PARENTE's colorful interior design.