6 Beauty secrets of Parisian women

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Have you ever heard of the book "French Women Don't Get Fat" ? It sounds ridiculous, but it has been an international bestseller that has gained so much popularity which has been translated and published in even 38 languages around the world. As proves this result, the interest in French women's beauty secrets has been consistently high all around the world since long ago. French women eat a course meal consisting of entrée, main plat, and high-calorie desserts, and they also have wine often during meal, but how, how can French women stay fit? This curiosity from all over the world even made a word called "French Paradox".

french beauty secret french women don't get fat

Moreover, the general impressions that French women are elegant and attractive, as there are already books called <French women don't get facelifts> and <France Women's 80 Years To Your Love,> are already showing their presence around the world. French woman, these two words seem to be confident, chic, and beautiful. Let's find out about their own beauty secrets.


Eating Habits

As mentioned above, France's dining culture is a course meal. From Entrée, main plat, and dessert, one meal is usually completed with three courses. Especially, dessert has high calories as you know. In addition to those, they also enjoy some wine while having a meal. How can French women keep slim bodies?

french eating habits

First of all, French women tend not to eat until they get full. Starting to feel full, they put down their fork and knife even if their food is left. That is, even though they have a course meal, they taste various foods little by little. There is a distinction from American eating culture, which puts a huge amount of food in a bowl for a meal. Knowing their own amount and enjoying their food with enough amount. It is obviously different from eating a lot just to fill your stomach. They savor delicious food and feel happy at that moment. It is okay to eat foods with high calories for them. They think they can eat the next meal more lightly. Unlike many women in modern society, who suffer from guilt over calorie concerns while eating delicious food, it is important for them to enjoy food and eat moderately.

paris bio market

Secondly, French women like to eat fresh food. Except for mealtime, they drink pure water enough and eat fresh fruit. They also eat plain yogurt or dark chocolate for snacks rather than instant snacks or soft drinks. In France, since a few years ago, bio-movement has been growing. Fresh organic ingredients have been considered very important in France; it has been very easy to find bio stores on any street. That is, they prefer to cook and eat fresh ingredients, and rather than eating processed foods such as sugar-free and fat-free for their diet, they tend to eat a lot of natural products even if there is little sugar or fat in them.


Daily Habits

France is a country of stairs. In particular, many buildings in France are very old, so most of them do not have elevators. In like 6-7-story buildings, everyone takes the stairs without any complaints. It is just a natural thing for French people. 

french girl walking

Moreover, French people used to walk everywhere. They just walk for around an hour rather than taking the bus or metro. So, there are many women who wear comfortable shoes rather than heels. Unlike especially American and Korean women who use cars for close distances and use elevators even to go up to the second floor but pay for gyms for working out, French women do not make time to exercise, but we can say that exercise is just a daily habit for them.


Beauty products

french cosmetic dermocosmetic

French beauty cosmetic has a special thing other than other countries. In France, you can purchase beauty products at pharmacies. Beauty cosmetic products can be purchased at cosmetics stores or drug stores as in other countries, but they can also be purchased at pharmacies. Most French pharmacies sell beauty cosmetics and skin-care products. French pharmacy cosmetics called "Dermocosmetic," which is a compound word of ‘dermatology’ and ‘cosmetic,’ are already famous around the world beyond France. It is even sold at a reasonable price despite its world-class quality, and it is also a proven product in terms of ingredients that can irritate sensitive skin as they are sold at pharmacies. Therefore, people having sensitive or acne-prone skin can use it without worrying, and it is easy to manage their skin.

french skincare

It is French women's way of thinking that it is better to keep their skin clean and beautiful with Dermocosmetic, rather than using many creams or covering their skin with expensive cosmetics. It is the beauty secret of French women to take care of their skin itself beautiful so that they do not need thick makeup. When purchasing French beauty products in France, don't forget to receive vouchers with discounts and tax refunds by clicking here. And you can check out our article of the best French cosmetics and skin care products recommendation.


Massage & Spa

paris massage spa

French women do not only exercise and diet management but also receive constant massage and skin care. If you start to work out, you can easily suffer from muscle pain and unnecessary outer muscles can be pumped. For this reason, rather than stop exercising, it is recommended to get a massage or a spa from a professional. This is because massage can relax your muscles and you can recover from muscle pain faster. When you are stressed not only from diets but also from work or study, if you get a massage or spa once, your body will be much more refreshed. Since recovering your condition, you can also achieve optimal efficiency at your work or study. 

Wellness galarie paris galaries lafayette

To those suffering from this, I recommend Wellness Galarie, located in Galeries Lafayette in Paris. Wellness Galarie is a new hot spot for Parisians where they can take care of themselves inside and out by rest letting them hide from the urban noise of Paris. You can recover from the fatigue accumulated so far, and you can also experience a new Parisian well-being lifestyle. At Wellness Galarie, you can lift your body to its best condition in a short time of about 30 minutes to an hour with high-tech care systems as well as massage and meridian. When fatigue accumulates, your complexion becomes bad and your overall physical state deteriorates. So, visit Wellness Galarie located in Galeries Lafayette to have care from professionals before your fatigue accumulates. You can find more information about Wellness Galarie in this article


Nutritional supplements

french nutritional supplements

French women tend to take nutritional supplements regularly. In French pharmacies, you can find a wide variety of nutritional supplements, and there is the advantage that you can purchase them easily with a specific explanation from a pharmacist. Therefore, French people buy nutritional supplements more casually and take them as a daily habit. It can prevent the immune system from deteriorating, and especially for workers and students who have difficulty getting sunlight, constant and abundant vitamin intake is well achieved through this habit.

best nutrition supplement in paris

Moreover, they tend to pay more attention especially when they are on a diet. This is because the most important thing while losing weight is nutrition management. While on the diet, you often miss the nutrients because you focus too much on calories, which makes you easily feel lethargic and tired all the time and makes your immune system decrease. Therefore, those things can interfere with your daily life, which can make you give up dieting. Even if the diet has finished, side effects such as a yo-yo diet and changes in the constitution can follow. By taking nutritional supplements, however, these side effects can be prevented, and diets can be carried out more efficiently. Our nutritional supplement recommendation articles can be found here.


La Joie de Vivre

la joie de vivre french girls

Happiness of life is the most important value not only for French women but also for all French people. Putting my happiness first, in both work and life. That is the most important way of thinking for French women. It's not selfish, it's self-esteem. Enjoying time gracefully alone, confidently expressing their opinions, knowing the style that suits them rather than following fast fashion, and focusing entirely on their taste no matter who says. Those may be why French women are found attractive. Confidence, elegance, and French chic, the beauty secret of French women is La Joie de Vivre, the Joy of Living.

France work environment culture

The French culture itself also has a great influence on this. That is to keep their composure without being pressed for time. Modern people are always pressed for time, to the extent that even there is a saying in Korea called "busy, so busy, modern society". In other words, there is no relaxation. Since there is no composure, stress builds up mentally and physically, which will be revealed by the skin or body. Skin trouble will come up, and legs will swell from fatigue. However, they don't even have time to solve this problem, so the complexion deteriorates and edema accumulates in the body. French women who have time for everything, however, don't get stressed out by these things. If they don't have enough time, they only do what they can.

France vacation

And they go on vacation at least three weeks a year. It is to give enough rest to themselves who worked. That is, 'work-life balance' is literally a natural culture for them. One of the beauty secrets of French women can be said to live in a culture where work-life balance is achieved while feeling the happiness of life.


We have looked into French women’s beauty secrets so far. As you may notice, most of these are based on health and body condition. Rather than taking artificial ways, focusing on your own body status and health will be way better to have a beautiful body and attractive impression like French women. If you are interested in these 6 secrets, try to follow these. It will be a great experience for your body and confidence.


Text : Yewon
Photo : Obonparis Team