Accents Table Bourse

Affordable Michelin restaurant in the heart of Paris

 In this article, we introduce Accents Table Bourse, a fusion Michelin-starred restaurant that we discovered recently. It is definitely worth the visit!


Michelin experience in Paris


When it comes to choosing where to eat in Paris, the choice is always difficult. Even if you already know that you want to try a Michelin-starred one, there will be plenty of options. Anyway if you visit France you should at least have one Michelin experience. When you visit a Michelin-starred restaurant, you choose dining as an experience, like a theme park for food! Everything is spot on, from the food to the service and the pairings, and the creativity is off the charts. The whole service and presentation of the food are more like theatres than restaurants!

Among them, Accents Table Bourse is a pretty good choice. The first main reason is, of course, the food, and we are going to give you more details about it later in the article. The second good reason to choose this restaurant is the price: for a Parisian Michelin-starred restaurant, the set menu is affordable (from 52€ for lunch, to 100€ for dinner). The third main reason is the location:  Accents is located in the heart of Paris, near Place de la Bourse (near Pinault Collection).

Address: 24 rue Feydeau, 75002 Paris
Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday, 12:00–14:00, 19:00–22:00
Transportation: Metro line 3n Bourse station


A well-decorated restaurant for a unique experience

Restaurant Paris good ambiance

 Before talking about the food (don't worry we will come to it very soon!), let's talk about the atmosphere. The room decor is very nice and high-end, with a modern, pastel-colored atmosphere. The tables are not close to each other so that you can keep your intimacy without being bothered by other customers: perfect for a couple's date for example. Regarding the service, every single staff member made us feel welcome and relaxed, with an outstanding level of professionalism and friendliness. 


A high-end fusion cuisine

Romain Mahi Ayumi Sugiyama-Shinjo

One star Michelin since 2019, the restaurant is led by chef Ayumi Sugiyama, and Chef Romain Mahi. The name of the restaurant is a homage to the diversity of accents, that tells the story and origin of each person when they speak. It is the same with food, which tells stories about Chefs' origins, inspirations, life, but also about the ingredients' background, diversity, and uniqueness of the land and people who produce them. Each accent put in the food makes it more diverse and unique.

For lunch, they are several set menus: “en 3 temps” (52€), “4 temps” (65€), “6 temps” (100€). 3 temps is the classical French set menu, with “entrée, plat, dessert” but also includes appetizers (amuse-bouche). If you go for the 6 temps, it means appetizers, 2 starters, 2 dishes, and 2 desserts. For a first experience, the 3 temps menu was perfect for us. However, if you have more time to spend, 6 temps is a great experience too (don’t worry to be too full, it’s more about the experience, the quality more than the quantity so 6 courses menu is manageable even though you are not a big eater.


Lunch "Menu degustation"

 Here are the dishes we experienced the day of our visit, to give you an overview of the creativity of the Chef (keep in mind that the menus change frequently, according to the seasons and seasonal fruits and vegetables).  Each dish has different surprising elements in it, and the entire meal tells a story.




amuse bouches michelin restaurant France

 There were 5 delicious, well designed and cute amuse-bouches, with unique tastes and inspiration. For example, a meringue with Worcestershire sauce, or a black pudding with banana, anchovy, chestnut, and apple (in a shape of a cute pig face). It’s a good way to start your meal and to prepare you for the best to come.




entrée starter Michelin

The starters of the days were light, refreshing, and served on uniquely designed plates. The first one was made of celery risotto, Morteau sausage, pear, and whisky.  It was literally covered by a white and very light emulsion that made it mysterious.

accents table bourse starter

 The other one was red partridge with tuna, sardine, scallops, white peach, and vermouth (Noilly-Prat). It gives a lot of different aromas: don't worry if your palate is not used to these kinds of culinary experiences. Part of the experience is widening your palate and what you thought food could be like!




Plats Michelin star Paris

For the main dishes, there are usually one meat dish and one fish dish (not that the chef can create also full vegetarian menus if informed in advance). The meat dish was created with doe meat rolled with Colonatta bacon and chicory, served with Comté cheese feuilleté with black truffle.




As a pastry chef, Ayumi Sugiyama pays a particular attention to desserts, so sweet lovers won’t be disappointed!

dessert patisserie accents table bourse

One of the desserts looked like a cute nest and had an oriental taste inspiration. It was created with Kadaif (very thin and sweet Turkish noodles), banana, sweet potato, and dates.

dessert romain mahi

Our favorite was the “sugar bubble”, it looked like a modern art masterpiece. It was made with reduced milk, apple, ginger, and quince.




mignardise michelin restaurant

 Last but not least, the café comes always with cute and unique "mignardises" (bite-sized desserts), to finish your meal with a sweet note.


O'bon Paris' tip

Michelin accord mets et vins

 We hope we made your mouth water! To finish with, for the wine lovers, we wanted to mention the "accords mets et vins": this formula includes one glass of wine for each step of the meal, chosen by the sommelier according to the dishes' specificities. It's a good occasion to go deeper into the French restaurant experience and to enjoy wines matching perfectly with your dishes.


Authors: O'bon Paris Team

Photos: Yuka Ishihara