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There are more than 44,000 restaurants in the French capital so how the heck are you supposed to know where to go? The search for a decent place to eat may feel a little daunting here, but we think we can help.
In today’s article, we introduce a very Parisian restaurant La Table Cachée, in the historic Marais district. Since decades, this district is the most artist and gay-friendly in Paris, but it is also one best places to enjoy unique French cuisine.    


Restaurant with an exclusive atmosphere in Marais District 

French restaurant in Paris with an exclusive atmosphere

Perfectly located in the center of the capital (3 minutes’ walk from the metro station Hotel de Ville), La Table Cachée is a restaurant that makes people feel special.
The area itself is very unique: le Marais is a trendy district with a village feel, with many historical buildings as well as art galleries and street art.

BHV Paris

The name of this restaurant means “hidden table” in French. As the name suggests, the restaurant is in a place that is difficult to find briefly.

french gastronomy restaurant in Paris

Next to the socks corner on the 5th floor of the BHV department store, there is a small, inconspicuous door. But when you open the door, you are greeted with a very exclusive and luxurious restaurant.

paris rooftop restaurant

With a beautiful view of Paris can be seen through the window, the interior consists of chic furniture and a classy atmosphere. 

la table cachée by MICHEL ROTH

From furniture to decoration and tableware, you can see that they paid attention to every detail of the interior. 


Authentic French cuisine in the heart of the Marais district

BHV marais french restaurant

Not only is the atmosphere great, but the taste and quality of the food are incredibly good. Please note that famous chef Michel Roth with experience in several Michelin star restaurants, oversees the kitchen. In addition to its unusual location and reasonable price, the warm and attentive staffs of this restaurant allow you to enjoy an excellent meal. 

Like most French traditional restaurants, you can choose here a set menu “entrée – plat -desserts” (starter, main dish, and dessert) or choose directly your courses “à la carte”. There is a great variety of dishes and there are different “plats du jour” (dishes of the day), changing every day. As an example, here are the dishes that we had the chance to try: 



LA TABLE CACHÉE restaurant chic

If you order the lunch menu, the appetizer is served. That day it was a combination of creamy sauce and poultry, original and harmonious. Perfect appetizer before a consistent dish. 



top french restaurant in paris

This starter with fish tartare, thin leaves of scallops, butternut, and mandarin is as beautiful as tasty. The sauce is lightly aromatic, and it smoothly wraps around your tongue.   


Main Dish

best restaurant in marais

As for the main dish, enjoy an unforgettable risotto generously served with chanterelles and sheep's feet, spinach, and parmesan foam. Truly heart-stopping!  



best french restaurant paris for dinner

We finished the lunch on a sweet note with a lovely mandarin garnished with whipped cream. Light and refreshing cream and fruit combine with sweet cookies to show off the best pleasure. It is not just an ordinary dessert that is simply sweet, but it is a taste that can only be tasted in high-class French restaurants.


O'bon Paris' tips

chic and fancy restaurant in marais

To conclude, we can say that while visiting Paris, Marais is a must-visit place! And a perfect trip in Marais should include shopping: Thanks to O'bon Paris, you can enjoy a 15% discount in BHV, the Parisian’s favorite “Grand Magasin”: check and download the coupon here

Careful though, the La Table Cachée is first and foremost a discreet venue. So, in this restaurant, the number of seats is limited and privileged. Feel like being part of it? It is better to book in advance just in case.  

If you want to get more information about the Marais district, have a look at our dedicated article here.


Author: Minchae

Photographs: Yuka & Minchae 

La Table Cachée BHV Marais

Opening hours: Tue-Sat 12:00-14:00, 19:15-21:30

Address: 55 Rue de la Verrerie, BHV Marais (5th Floor), 75004 Paris

Transportation: Metro line 1, 11 Hôtel de Ville station

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