“The pearl of the French Alps” Head to Annecy for easy access to skiing snowboarding and mountaineering in the French Alps but not only!



Here on the picture the iconic place “the palais de l’ile” is a 12th century castle on the island. It was mostly used as a prison and a courthouse until the French revolution. Annecy is also called sometimes “the Venice of the Alps” because of the various canals and the river “Thiou” which are flowing between the walls of the houses in the old town.


As soon as you reach the seeing of the “pâquier” by passing by the back of the new city hall’s garden. You will be able to be greeted easily like on this picture by the outnumbered seagulls.  Good place to try to take a good picture of our winged friends.


Whichever the direction you take if you keep following the border of the lake it won’t be hard for you to get across with people who like you will try to get the best selfie on one the jetties.



Then if you are with your girlfriend or boyfriend get on the “Pont des amours” literally “the love bridge”. Keep in mind the legend that says that the person you will kiss in this little magical spot will stay with you forever. So romantic, isn’t it? The bridge is at the end of the river “Thiou” a meeting between the river and the lake.


By the street “du Pâquier” at the end little harbor you will see sumptuous building like this one which was built by the “de Sales” family and was used as a residence of the princes de Savoy. Afterward it became the head office of the “Bank of Savoy”, 
and after the reunion of the Savoy with France in 1860 the establishment still had the right to fabricate notes. Money money money…



By wandering the streets, you will get easily to this building adjoined to the church “Notre-Dame de Liesse”. This building is nothing else than the former Town Hall which is notable for 18th century façade. We can spot the arm of the city of Annecy at the first floor in the middle of the beautiful wrought-iron works. For sure you going to imagine yourself living in this masterpiece of architecture.



By the moonlight or almost, in front of the “Sainte-Claire Gate” view from the place, on the right side the beautiful “Galo House”. While looking for an eating house, I could not resist to take some pictures.


On the picture, upright you may see the back of the “Palais de l’Îsle” where you can fully distinguish the cells when it was used as a prison.



Because of a miscalculation in my schedule for the next day, I finally found myself in front of the historical symbol of Annecy by night only. Four centuries of construction from the 12th century. The counts of Geneva used it as their home from the 13th century.


The next morning, a new day has come with a present for me, the sun shows us its rays and enlightens the multicolored walls of Annecy.


One of my favorite edifice. (Rue J-J-Rousseau)


And because surprise never comes alone, in the morning the markets stalls installed in the streets offered me the best moment to bring a memorable part of Annecy to your home.


Access from Paris to Annecy

To meet this city from Paris you may take 
-the TGV(high speed train), roughly about 3 hours and half.
-By plane from Paris to Geneva airport it takes 1H05 about 60€ return ticket (lowcost flight) and then you may take a flixbus for 5€ and it takes 50 minutes if you book in advance, or from Geneva to Annecy by train.


Author, Photo : Jessy Cornu