Category:  Fine dining Mediterranean cuisine 

Address: 7 Rue Massena, 06000 Nice

Opening Hours: Mon-Sun, Lunch 12: 00-14: 30 / Evening 19: 00-23: 00

Price: around 30 euros



The BOCCACCIO restaurant is located in the heart of Nice, near the Place Massena and the English Promenade.  The restaurant opened in 1973 and it's history dates back almost 50 years. It is one of the best restaurants in the city of Nice.



Unlike the other fine dining restaurant seating areas, once you enter the hall and go up to the second floor, you will see a luxurious grand dining room. In the middle of the seating area there is a transparent glass aquarium. Overall, the decoration of this restaurant makes people feel like they are in a luxury yacht. The neatly arranged tableware and seats feel like the most glorious place at the best resort city in the Mediterranean country.



Spanish seafood stew and lobster are recommended in this restaurant.  Several meals are served for more than two people. This restaurant has many famous dishes and it is worth a try and enjoy.


Soupe de Potiron

Before eating in the main course,  let's enjoy a bowl of rich pumpkin soup, using the original taste of the pumpkin, but more tempting, the concentration is just right, it is suitable for an appetizer.


Paëlla aux Fruits de mer « Valenciana »

In Spain, the city of Valencia is known for the best Paëlla in the country, and also the Boccaccio's Spanish seafood stew. This meal can feed more than 2 people, it comes to the table and kept over a flame to keep the seafood stew hot and fresh.


Homard Aux Linguines Sauce Tomate

Replacing machine-made noodles with Italian spaghetti noodles and fresh lemon juice in Italian pasta. Lobster is also very fresh and juicy.


You will meet this two things when you eat lobsters. This supplementary cutlery can help you to easily eat lobster meat without using brute force to destroy the hard lobster shells.


The restaurant served the whole lobster, it cooks and mixes really well with the sauce. The lobster has been treated first, picking the visceral parts of the lobster, reducing the smell of the lobster, and using the acidity of the tomato to bring out the sweetness of the lobster. It's delicious.


Choux A La Crème Au Chocolat

For the dessert is chocolate puff, an ice cream sprinkled with chocolate sauce and chocolate chips. The chocolate taste is accompanied by ice cream. 



If you are going to BOCCACCIO for dinner, get dressed up. Avoid wearing shorts or slippers and do not wear hats inside the restaurant. You will have a wonderful meal.


Author : Han Jae Un

Translate by Gisella Azevedo