Café de Flore


The Café de Flore is one of the oldest coffeehouses in Paris. Located at the corner of Boulevard Saint-Germain and Rue Saint-Benoît, in Saint-Germain-des-Prés in the 6th arrondissement, it is celebrated for its famous clientele.



The café was opened in the 1880s, during the French Third Republic. The name is taken from a sculpture of Flora, the goddess of flowers and the season of spring in Roman mythology, located on the opposite side of the boulevard. Authors Joris-Karl Huysmans and Remy de Gourmont were two of the first well-known regulars. In the late 19th century, Charles Maurras wrote his book Au signe de Flore on the café's first floor, where in 1899 the Revue d'Action Française was also founded.



Café de Flore became a popular hub of famous writers and philosophers. Georges Bataille, Robert Desnos, Léon-Paul Fargue, Raymond Queneau were all regulars, and so was Pablo PicassoChinese Premier Zhou Enlai was known to be a frequent patron of Café de Flore during his years in France in the 1920s.



The classic Art Deco interior of all red seating, mahogany and mirrors has changed little since World War II.

Like its main rival, Les Deux Magots, it has hosted most of the French intellectuals during the post-war years



The Prix de Flore, a literary prize inaugurated by Frédéric Beigbeder in 1994, is awarded annually at the Café de Flore.



The Café de Flore offers a wide menu range, from teas, coffees, hot chocolates, to alcoholic drinks and juices; from snacks to full meals, including toast and croissants, omelettes, salads, soups and desserts. The nearest underground station is Saint-Germain-des-Prés, served by line 4 of Paris Métro.



Lemon tower Tarte au citron 9.5 euros
Café Viennois 7.2 euros



Lemon tower: citric acid with a touch of sweet, and the bitter taste of coffee and perfect



Napoleon Mille Feuilles / Napoleon 12 euros
Café Crème € 5.7



Be one of the best to eat in Paris, one of Napoleon, two different layers of vanilla cream, a layer of rich, a layer of fresh

The skin is very crisp



 There are play readings on Mondays and philosophy debates on the first Wednesday of the month, at 8pm, in English.



Coffee with a large glass of cream. You can smell the deep aroma from a far.



 The coffeehouse still remains a popular hang-out spot for celebrities and its status attracts numerous tourists. You might have seen the pictures trending on instagram as well.



Feature films -Café de Flore appeared in the 1963 film, The Fire Within. The café is mentioned in the 1975 song "Et mon père" by Nicolas Peyrac.The café was featured in the 3rd episode (Paris) of series 4 of Absolutely Fabulous. And also parts of the 2011 film L'amour dure trois ans were filmed in Café de Flore among several others.



Café de Flore
Address: 172 Boulevard Saint-Germain, 75006 Paris
Subway: Metro Line 4 Saint-Germain-des-prés
Business hours: 7:30 am - 1:30 am



Try to arrive early to avoid queuing
There are also delicious breakfast options available.

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