Codage Paris

Introducing the French cosmetics CODAGE PARIS  where you can find customized serum to fit your skin needs. The codage store is located in the beautiful alley of the Marais district, a shopping street in Paris, which is frequented by tourists.


The walls of the store are designed featuring the ingredients of the serum similar to a chemical periodic table, which gives the store a lab like feel.We found the concept unique and interesting. Codage is a brand founded by a brother and sister who has been interested in health beauty since childhood. As the beauty market has been constantly expanding, they felt the need for each individual's skin to receive special care and thus codage was created.
With the expertise of the French pharmacy cosmetics, combined with the formula that is best suited to the skin to solve individual beauty problems, Codage's serum is attracting attention in several French fashion beauty magazine as the skin illuminates with the high-quality product and has a noticeable effect.

It is a space where you can try various products of codage after consultation of individual skin consultation. We experienced the whole process ourselves to create custom serum based on expert advice.

You would first consult a specialist about your skin condition and distress, and check the ingredients required for my own serum. You can adjust the amount of serum ingredient as you want, and the price is convenient to check through the tablet. After completing the consultation, You can receive the completed Customizing Serum by e-mail, and it is very useful for re-purchasing the record of my serum.

As a result of the consultation, we could see the production of the serum and the experience is more trustworthy. Serum production takes about an hour to complete. After ordering the serum, you can also take a leisurely stroll around the Marais district.
Codage Paris can make a serum that is tailored to your skin, the only one in the world.

In addition to Serum; Codage also offers basic face products such as toner, day cream, and night cream.A functional product that boasts high performance using only the ingredients best suited to the skin composition. We tried our custom serum and the result was very satisfactory because it left the skin supple soft and gave a very healthy sheen post the serum and day cream.


You can also find a wide range of products, including body products and oils. 
A mini-sized package consisting of cream and serum is a good fit if you want to experience Codage products.


The mini size of 10ml makes it possible to use the serum for one month.


CODAGE PARIS You can get a 15% discount on the O-Bon Paris coupon at Codage and a FALL IN LOVE Serum (10ml, equivalent to 59 €) on purchases over 80 €.


The French cosmetics brand Codage strives to create a healthier life starting with helthy and  beautiful skin.

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