Ducray cosmetics


For 90 years, this pioneering cosmetics brand has put the health and wellbeing of its clientele above all else in its mission to provide daily life-changing care. Let’s discover the brand and some of its bestsellers.


An Iconic Haircare and Skincare French brand

In an elegant 1930s Parisian neighbourhood, a bold visionary by the name of Albert Ducray broke the mould of the traditional cosmetics business model. The son of a dermatologist, Ducray was aware of the alkaline properties of the leading powdered water-soluble soaps and shampoos and their impact on our skin, hair, and scalp. Noticing a gap in the market and motivated by a desire to help those whose skin was suffering from the harsh effects of the soaps and shampoos of the time, Ducray developed a ground-breaking formula that was kind to the hair and skin.


By the 1950s, Ducray had established distribution through the pharmaceutical industry which had never before been interested in the business of cosmetics. By simultaneously paying close attention to the needs of the consumer and the medical profession, Ducray built his brand on the cutting edge of dermo-cosmetics. The brand’s determination and passion for dermatology, coupled with a glowing endorsement from the pharmaceutical community, has played a decisive step in the brand’s expansion and development.


Ducray Best Sellers


Today the brand, which is now part of the Pierre Fabre Group family, remains loyal to its roots and prides itself on providing daily life-changing care. Ducray can now boast an impressive 90-year history of medical research and innovation; distribution in over 60 countries across every continent; a range of patents; and a remarkable portfolio of dermo-cosmetic products. Many of the brand’s most popular products still exist today having evolved to meet the specific needs of your skin, scalp and hair. Below, the O’bon Paris team has highlighted Ducray’s top products.


Extra-Gentle Dermo-Protective Shampoo

Understanding Albert Ducray’s background in the business of hair salons, it is fitting that we begin with Ducray’s Extra-Gentle Dermo-Protective Shampoo. This everyday shampoo was specifically created to give new life to  delicate hair. Using amino acids, the shampoo will reinvigorate the hair’s fibre and promote its balance and integrity. Thanks to its gentle formula, the extra-gentle shampoo respects the scalp while restoring vigour, beauty, and shine to your hair. Ducray’s first shampoo quickly became a household name.


The Melascreen Range


One of our favourites of Ducray’s products is the Ducray Melascreen UV line. With each passing day, people are waking up to the harmful effects that the sun has on our skin. Melascreen UV is a range of sun protection creams designed to protect the skin from the sun and prevent hyperpigmentation. Staying true to the brands values, Melascreen’s sun protection formula is fragrance-free and contains no comedogenics, allergens, or parabens, making it safe for those with sensitive or acne-prone skin.


The Keracnyl Range

Following the success of Ducray’s initial haircare products, and bolstered by the support of the medical community, the brand took on the challenge of skincare. The Keracnyl Range is the best example of this development. Designed for oily, acne-prone skin, this range of cleansing and skin care products uses active ingredients at the cutting edge of innovation and offers a global and suitable response for all skin types prone to acne.


Dexyane MeD

Dexyane Med

If you suffer from the itching and lesions caused by eczema, then the Ducray laboratories have created the Dexyane Med range for you. In this section, we explore two products from Ducray’s Dexyane MeD line: the soothing repair cream; and the Palpébral eyelid treatment.

Soothing repair cream

The first product of the Dexyane MeD is the Soothing Repair Cream. This product treats and promotes the disappearance of eczema lesions while limiting their recurrence. By using a natural formulation with effective active ingredients, this cream is the perfect anti-itch and anti-irritation treatment for your atopic skin, prone to eczema and skin irritation. It works by allowing the skin’s defence system to regain its performance while hydrating your skin and compromising the ability of bacteria to adhere.

Palpébral Ducray

Next in the Dexyane MeD range is Ducray’s Palpébral eyelid treatment. Like the soothing repair cream, the eyelid eczema treatment is perfect for atopic and sensitive skin. Its ultra-hydrating dressing effect immediately soothes, protects, and decongests the skin. Like any eczema, eczema of the eyelids is marked by flares linked to an inflammatory reaction to irritants or allergens coming into contact with the skin. Allergens found in the environment and various care products are particularly harsh on the eyelids. This, of course, results in what can often be a painful rash. This cream will be your secret weapon to combat the visual consequences of eczema, reducing or clearing the signs of eczema in as little as 3 days.


O'bon Paris' Tip

Ducray’s story began in Paris, today they continue to work all over the world putting your skincare at the heart of their mission. Since its conception, Ducray has consistently made progress in medical research ensuring their products care for even the most sensitive skin. They believe that tomorrows discoveries will become the top products of the future. You can find most of Ducray products in French Pharmacies. If you are visiting Paris, do not miss our special Parapharmacy offer.


Author: Iain Mathieson

Photographs - Phan Thanh Thủy