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The world-famous French cosmetic brand Payot recently celebrated its centenary, and its cosmetics continue to be associated with affordable luxury and the joy of tender care for the beauty and health of the skin. In this article we introduce the brand history as well as some of our favourite products.


100 Years of Beauty Experience

The history of Payot brand is inseparable from the name of its founder, Nadia Payot. She was born in Odessa, Russia (today’s Ukraine), in 1887 and since childhood dreamed of becoming a doctor. Realizing her dream, she became one of the rare women who received a medical education in the early 20th century. Later, meeting the legendary Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova in New York turned her life upside down. Nadia was struck by the difference between the flexible young body of the ballerina, due to rigorous training, and her skin with visible signs of aging. It led her to conclude that proper facial muscle training, massages, and special care, similar to the attention of a ballerina for her body, are just as necessary to maintain youthful and healthy skin. Then Nadia Payot decided to dedicate her knowledge and experience from medicine to help women sustain the beauty and health of the skin for many years.


In 1925, Nadia opened her first laboratory and beauty salon, and it instantly became word of mouth. There she trained future cosmetologists and developed unique formulas and methods for applying creams, lotions, and also carried out skincare procedures. The salon instantly gained fame and a reputation as the "perfect world of beauty." Among clients of her salon there were Hollywood actresses Ingrid Bergman, Rita Hayworth, Greta Garbo, and other celebrities. Nadia Payot was the first to develop the concept of three-stage facial care (cleansing, nutrition, stimulation) and face and neck massage techniques. She taught this to all her clients. The beauty salon of Nadia Payot soon became the largest in Europe, and its creator's name also gained worldwide fame. Later, the range of Payot cosmetic products expanded significantly. A distinctive feature of Payot beauty products is unique jars that repeat the silhouette of a female figure. Nadia Payot believed that self-care should be an exquisite pleasure and sought to create products that were efficient but also very pleasant to use.


Payot best sellers


Let us introduce now some of the Payot products we tried and liked the most, from the most cult Pâte grise to the new and innovative Crème n°2 Nuage.


Pâte Grise - Emergency anti-imperfections care

For 70 years, Pâte Grise has been a №1 bestseller. It is the best remedy against acne and a beauty secret passed from mothers to daughters and sons. While you sleep, its formula works by accelerating the maturation of acne and eliminating imperfections on the skin.

Pâte grise Payot

Sweet almonds with soothing properties reduce skin irritation. Shale extract controls the excessive secretion of sebum and helps eliminate acne. Zinc oxide soothes inflammation and absorbs excess sebum. Apply in the evening with a dense layer locally on thoroughly cleansed skin.

100 ans Payot

As the brand is celebrating its 100th birthday this year, this year the art deco glass of the iconic Pâte grise I adorned with silver confetti and comes in sweet shades of soft yellow, minty green and blush pink.


Crème N°2 Nuage - Anti-redness anti-stress soothing care

The microbiome is millions of microorganisms living on the surface of the skin. It acts as an essential protective barrier.

crème n°2 nuage Payot

When it weakens under the influence of various factors (UV radiation, stress, hormones, etc.), the skin becomes hypersensitive. In essence, it painfully reacts to harmful effects and is deprived of the opportunity to defend itself. Based on the latest discoveries in the field of skin biology, Crème №2 Nuage enhances and restores the balance of skin microflora. Also, it moisturizes and relieves skin stress, eliminating discomfort and reducing irritation and redness. Suitable for sensitive and very sensitive skin. It has an airy and light texture.


Uni Skin Masque Magnetique - Perfecting magnetic care

This black mask is enriched with magnetite and it introduces a stimulating magnetic technology that allows for cleaning the skin from impurities and enhancing radiance.

masque magnetique Payot

An active and unusual texture with a magnetic effect captures particles of dirt on the surface of the skin. Active ingredients also include shea butter, silicon dioxide, and vitamin E. Apply 1-2 times a week with a thin layer, avoiding the contour of the eyes. Leave for 5 minutes, then remove it with a special metallic spatula to be found in the box.


Crème N°2 CC Cream - The anti-redness correcting cream with SPF 50+

This multifunctional soothing and corrective agent with protection against UV radiation is a real weapon to combat redness. A tinting formula masks redness, soothing components reduce them, and UV protection (SPF 50+) prevents their appearance.

crème n°2 CC Cream

The delicate texture of the product melts on the skin, providing a natural color correction. The encapsulated pigments contained in the cream in high concentrations are released upon contact with the skin for optimal adaptation to the complexion and adjusting to skin tone. Suitable for sensitive and very sensitive skin. It does not contain fragrances.


My Payot Jour Gelée - Daily radiance care

This cream is part of My Payot's new daily line of skincare products with ultra-gentle texture, rich in extracts of acerola, pomegranate, blackcurrant, acai, and goji, giving the skin energy and hydration. Featuring this superfruit cocktail, high in Vitamin C and Hydroxy Acids (AHA), this cream is a genuine energy concentrate. It enhances skin radiance, refines the skin texture, and protects it from daily wear.

My Payot jour Gelée

The cream has a very delicate fruity aroma and ultra-fresh, lightweight texture that is more like jelly: light, translucent, and not oily. The skin becomes exceptionally smooth, and the microrelief is evener, making it perfectly prepared for makeup. Suitable for combination skin.

 Payot 100

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Author - O'bon Paris' team

Photographs - Phan Thanh Thủy