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In this article we introduce the brand Hormeta, as well as some of their best products.


A Swiss skincare brand specialized on anti-aging

Switzerland is well known for it’s chocolates and watches, but less of it’s Cosmetics. However, one of our favorite cosmetic Brand, Hormeta is from Switzerland ! Even though the brand is not as famous as Valmont yet, it is well known among Beauty afficionados for its high-quality ingredients and efficiency. Hormeta is expert on anti-aging products and uses precious key active ingredients inspired by Swiss Nature.


The Brand was created in 1949 by Maurice Chaponnier near Geneva. He studied the role of trace elements on the skin: trace elements are minerals that are naturally present in trace quantities in the human body but which are essential for the functioning of body cells. They play a key role in strengthening the epidermal barrier and fighting against free radicals, which are responsible for skin aging. Hormeta skincare products all include a combination of 5 trace elements which have complementary antioxidant actions to restore and reinforce the skin (Copper to protect the skin against UV radiations, Manganese to maintain  skin elasticity, Zinc to soothe skin, Magnesium to repair skin barrier and Silicium to encourage the synthesis of collagen and to contribute to skin hydration).


Discover some bestsellers of Hormeta

Hormeta develops several ranges of High-end, highly effective but yet affordable skincare products. Introducing all the bestsellers of the brand would take a lot of time as Hormeta creates many collections to target different type of skin needs. So we decided to introduce the iconic Collagen Tri-Logic Cream, and the HormeCity range which is perfect for urban women.


Collagen Tri-Logic Cream

Launched in 1991, this cream is one of the most emblematic product of the brand.  After 30 the skin gradually reduces its elasticity and signs of aging start to appear: This anti-wrinkle cream reduces the signs of aging and smoothes the skin by providing collagen and boosting collagen synthesis. it helps restoring the firmness of the skin.

Collagen Tri logic cream

It contains of course the 5 trace elements present in all Hormeta products, as well as Marine Collagen and Alpinia speciosa Extract to restructure and protect the skin. The cream has a rich, creamy texture yet a non-sticky finish. You can apply it every morning on a cleaned face.


HormeCITY collection

It is easier to keep your skin radiant if you live in a pollution-free area of Switzerland Alps ! But many elements of city life affect our skin such as stress, pollution¸ light pollution, lack of sleep… That’s why the brand created the anti-pollution collection HormeCity for urban women, to fight dull and tired complexions due to City life. The collection is made of 4 products that revive the skin radiance, boost cellular respiration,  fight against tissues oxidation and penetration of fine particules and pollutant. These four products can be used on any skin type.


The first one is the Anti Particles Prime Serum (Voile Premier Anti-particules). It protects the skin from urban toxins (by filtering air pollution particules). As any serum, it has to be applied on a cleaned skin, before putting a cream. It fights tissues oxidation and prevent premature skin aging.

The second product of the collection is the Antioxidant City Cream (Crème Anti-oxydante HormeCity). This moisturizer is complementary to the Serum (you can apply your cream on the serum). The cream protects your skin from the harmful effects of air pollution by strengthening the epidermal barrier. It makes the complexion radiant.

Pro oxygen sleeping Gel Hormeta

The third product is the Pro-oxygen sleeping Gel HormeCity. The sleeping Gel acts like a Night Mask, to revitalize and oxygenate the skin, boost firmness and radiance. The gel is very fresh and it’s pleasant to apply it on your skin.

You can apply the Mask Before bed after cleaning your face, and let your skin soak it during the night, no need to rinse it. Upon waking, you can feel that your skin is refreshed and revitalized.

The fourth product of the Collection is the Exfoliating Detox Mask HormeCity (Masque Détox Exfoliant). The anti-pollution and detox mask is active at two different levels: it eliminates toxins and pollutants on the skin’s surface but also cleanse the skin on a cellular level. You can apply a thick layer on face and neck, one or twice a week, and massage your skin with fingertips to gently exfoliate. Avoid getting the cream on your lips, eyes, and eyebrows.  Leave your mask on between 10 and 15 minutes, no longer than that. After using it, you can really feel that you skin is renewed, stimulated and free from impurities.


O'bon Paris' Tip

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Authors and photographs: O'bon Paris Team