Barcelona paella restaurant for one person

Barcelona EL GLOP

The first thing that comes to in mind when you are finding food in Barcelona, it would be PAELLA. Paella is a dish made with rice, special sauce, seafood or meat. Traditionally, Spanish people have eaten the paella made of hare meat and chicken because this kind of meat was easily to be hunted and cooked. In Barcelona, seafood paella is highly recommended. 

Among many good restaurants of paella in Barcelona, EL GLOP is well-known. There are three branches of EL GLOP in Barcelona and we went to La Taverna Del Teatre which is close to Plaza Catalunya. As the menu of three branches are same, you can go to the nearest one to your location. 


EL GROP Barcelona Paella

When you enter the restuarant, you can see various tapas on a bar counter. If you want to have a simple meal and some drinks, you can sit on the bar.

The restaruant seems to have old-fashioned atmosphere which welcomes you with warmth.


Barcelona Paella restaurant for one person EL GLOP

El Glop with antique and warm appeal

The restuarant is wider inside than you may imagine. Cozy and comfortable interior. And if you are planning to visit during spring or autum, we recommend you to sit on the outdoor terrace to enjoy the nice day of Barcelona.

Since Spanish people usually eat dinner around 8 pm, if you visit the restaurant around 7pm you can enjoy the meal more calmly. 


Spain Barcelona Black Paella


The basic seafood paella is delicious. But the black paella with squid ink is also famous for its unique taste. The taste is light and not greasy nor salty. And they cook with a lot of seafoods such as shrimp, squid, etc that makes you full enough.

The biggest advantage of El Glop is that we can order the paella dish for one person. Generally, in Spain they only receive the order of paella for minimum two people because they cook the dish right after the order and it takes a long time and a lot of attention to cook. That's why we recommend this restaurant to solo-travelers. Even when traveling with friends and family, you might order one seafood paella and one black paella to try and share.


Barcelona paella restaurant EL GLOP

O'bon Paris' tip

As the paella is the typical Spanish food, you can enjoy the dish with Spanish typical drink, Sangria. The paella dish we tried at El Glop was not salty but in general, Spanish food is known for its salty favor. So it is useful to remember the phrase 'Sin Sal' which mean 'without salt'.


Words by Youra CHOI

Photographs by Yuna LEE


Address : Carrer de Casp, 21, 08010 Barcelona

Transportation : ​L1, L4 URQUINAONA 역

Opening Hours : Weekdays 7:30-24:00 / Weekends 12:00-24:00

Price : Paella for one person 14.90