Galerie Templon : Art Contemporain

Galerie Templon

Address: 30 Rue Beaubourg, 75003 Paris
Access: Metro Line 11 Rambuteau Station
Opening hours: Monday - Saturday 10: 00-19: 00 / Sunday Closed
Admission: Free



One of France's most influential contemporary art galleries is Gallery Templon, founded by Daniel Thompron. Daniel Thompron, opened this gallery at the age of 21 in 1966. He has discovered and supported artists who produce avant-garde contemporary art since the opening. The works of famous artists such as Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein and Jean Michel · Basquiat have been exhibited here in the past.


The gallery is about 1 minute on foot from Pompidou Center. The entrance looks like an ordinary apartment, and may be a bit confusing. Push the chime and the door key opens automatically, so press the door and enter.


There is a passage leading to the courtyard as you open the door. Head this way to the gallery.



When we visited, it was in the middle of an exhibition of Pierre & Jill, an artist working in a famous couple with colorful and kitsch portraits. The photographer, Pierre, and painter, Jill, create works of love and passion for pop art.

Exhibition period: January 13 - 2018 - March 10


Their work features same sex couples, there are many pieces inspired by gay culture.


Portraits with vivid pictures are decorated with a variety of color.


Pierre & Jill seem to be interested in Korean movies, there was a portrait of TOP of BIG BANG popular in Korea. 


Sparkling colorf palettte with plenty of playfulness depicting parties and theme parks.


A variety of ingenuity is also set on the framework, decorating each portrait as a part of the work. This exhibition allows you to fully experience Pierre & Jill's pop view of the world.



Since the gallery is divided into two buildings, please go around both exhibition venues. When you leave, there is a button labeled "PORTE" (meaning the door) in front of the door that you entered first; press the door button to open the door and then press the door. Please push to open it.


Author : Han Jae Un

Translate by Gisella Azevedo