Hostaria Urbana

A must-visit bar with real Parisian vibes


In Paris, known as the city of light, one of the must-do is chilling in a nice bar and enjoying a Parisian night. If you want to have some fantastic experience at night in Paris, you should try “Apéritif” experience. Not only in France but also in other parts of Europe, this culture of Apéritif means having some drinks with finger food before dinner and it’s one of Parisians’ favorite activity. If you want to feel the real Parisian vibes, HOSTARIA URBANA is perfect for you. Hostaria Urbana is situated near Bastille district, known as one of the coolest areas in Paris where many nice restaurants and bars gather. So, it’s great to start the night from Hostaria Urbana!



Feeling the modern and lively vibes of Parisians

From the first step into the bar, you will be amazed by their modern and chic interior design. At the same time, the interior design toned with green and white makes this place more comfortable and chillax mood. As their concept is a classic Italian modern bar in Paris, you can enjoy enthusiastic and sophisticated atmosphere. There are some seats inside, a bar counter, and a few terrasse seats.



The menu is original. For the drink, they have their own unique classical and signature cocktail. And for the meal, they prepare tapas stand on every Tuesday and Wednesday and you can taste the real Venetian cuisine. So, you can enjoy this special APERITIVO, a set menu with one drink and tapas buffet. Besides tapas, you can have a meal if you want.




In HOSTARIA URBANA, you can have different kinds of cocktails and drinks made by their professional bartender. There are their best two drinks, La vie en rose and Spritz.

La vie en rose is a pink-redish colored cocktail with raspberry base including some ingredients such as lavender, green apples and limes. It has sweet and sour flavor as you can guess from its name, which means life in pink.

Spritz is one of the most popular cocktail in France. Spritz is a cocktail based on Italian wine called Prosecco. It’s mainly made of Prosecco, sparkling water and Aperol, a liquor that has red orange taste. Spritz has been known for its fresh sweet fruity taste which made it a good drink before having a meal. 




This plate consists of different kinds of cheese and various sorts of hams. The cheese and ham have been well-displayed on the wooden plate. You can taste original cheese in France. There are three kinds of hams, smoked beef, pork and saucisson.




The one at the bottom is a tapas with beetroot decorated with sesame and spinach sauce. For this tapas, even though you are not a big fan of beetroot, it is finely minced which makes you surprised by realizing how soft it is. 

The one at the top is a tapas with seasoned soft fish with lemon. The fish is also finely minced and seasoned with lemon which gives a unique and fresh taste. The fish goes well with baguette too.



O’bon Paris’ tip

As Hostaria Urbana is one of the hottest places in Paris, the bar will be crowded around 19:30 so, we recommend to book in advance. In front of Hostaria Urbana, there is a small nice park where you can relax and spend some time with your beloved ones. It would be a good choice to sit on the terrass seat and enjoy the park. With O’bon Paris coupon, you can get 2€ discount for the set menu of cocktail and tapas buffet on Tuesday and Wednesday.


Words and Photographs by Jieun Yoo  

Hostaria Urbana

Address : 9 Rue Antoine Vollon, 75012 Paris

Transportation : Metro line 8 Ledru-rollin station / line 1, 5, 8 Bastille station 

Opening hours : Tuesday-Saturday 18:00-02:00 / Sunday, Monday closed

Website : click here