Category : Amusement Park

Address : Rue du Bois de Boulogne, 75116 Paris

Transportation : Metro line 1 Les Sablons

Opening Hours: 10:00 - 19:00 (weekends, holidays, vacation until 20:00)

Ticket : Entrance 5€ / Big 3 11€ / Unlimited 29€



At Jardin d'Acclimatation, you can enjoy a parisian style garden, a natural setting, and an amusement park all at once. 


Jardin d'acclimatation is the perfect place for a family outing because the rides are not so scary. Even those who have a fear of thrilling rides will enjoy themselves here. 


One of the larger rides here is this swing. If you can take this one on, the other rides will be a breeze for you. 


This amusement park is actually sponsored by the French luxury goods brand, LVMH. The park is engineered with a classic and antique ambiance.


In the park, various types of birds are walking around and living freely. If you are lucky, you might even encounter peacocks. It is a lovely place to enjoy a picnic on a sunny day. 


This place is truly heaven for children. There are things to enjoy around every corner. 


It is an easy-going place for everyone including families, and couples. 


Just next to this amazing amusement park, surprisingly, you will find the Korean garden.


In the garden, you will notice Korean elements includuing the Korean style summerhouse, willow trees, pine trees, and stone walls. 



The Louis Vuitton foundation is also situated next to Jardin d'acclimatation. This area is not very far nor very close to the Paris center. However, there are many things to see and experience once you visit! 


Wrriten and photographed by Soonmin Hong

Translated by Claire Wilmink