Address : 5 rue Curial - 75019 Paris

Access : Metro Line 7 Riquet Station

Opening Hours : Tuesday to Friday 12: 00-19: 00 / Saturday - Sunday 11: 00-19: 00 / Closed on Mondays

Admission Fee : Admission fee is different for each special exhibition


Le Marais District is no longer what it used to be. Nowadays, to find something charming and less commercially available, you must go north of Paris to the "Canal Saint-Martin" or near "Villette Park" .

Paris arts center for Contemporary Art is located very close to the 'Bassins de la Villette' which is famous for its hip, chic and modern neighborhood. Just as the Pompidou Center, this is also the center of contemporary art in the Marais district. Founded in the early 20th century, the Pompidou Center is filled with works by modern artists as well as classical artists. 


The lobby of Le Jung-kytar is an open space where everyone can enjoy different activities.



Iván Argote, a visual artist from Colombia, works in the center of the hall. On a huge seesaw, people walk slowly inside. The show is free until March 4.


For only 6 euros, you can also admire or experience various pieces of the new media art genre called les faits du hasard. You can enjoy a variety of different environments that are closely related to the machine. This special exhibition will last until March 4. Please note that the Le Thussy-Contre Center for Contemporary Art has no permanent exhibits, so be sure to check out the exhibit schedule on the site before you visit.


A special cloud machine is part of the les faits du hasard exhibition, where you can experience it without any entry fee.


The machine continued to blow clouds to the sky and people reached out to catch the cotton as if they were catching the fly.


A special machine conceived by an artist Vivien Roubaud from Nice. The conversion of brings joy to many people.



The peculiarities of the Fabien Léaustic green columns are all phytoplankton and are sensitive to temperature, time and place.



A similar electric current sounds through the speaker. Metal wire between the panels, the movement of light from the sound flow. It shows the path of light moving from one panel to another and creates a scene of energy cycling. Martin Messier tries to stimulate the senses of the audience with the sound of the work.


Licht, Mehr Licht !

Calm start of music. I walked along the light coming out of my head and felt the light touch my hand gently. I did not know the mood, the speed of music and the bass started to rise very slowly. White flashes of light began to flash.


After the exhibition you can visit the coffee shop cafe. This is a cozy cafe that looks like an art center. Because it is an outdoor terrace, it will be very cold in autumn and winter.


A couple sings and dances freely in Lebuchett Hall.


Author : Han Jaeun

Translate : Gisella AZEVEDO