PARADIS LATIN, Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes to create the amazing Paradis Latin show every evening? Well, preparation is a key and everything will have to be perfectly organised ahead of the show. And who is behind all of the perfect organization...

Let's meet.. Vanina

Vanina Rouvier, Dancing is her passion. This Captain of the team, will share about her career as a Professional Dancer, and her secrets to Obon Paris.


Did you always think that you wanted to be a professional dancer?

Yes, I have always loved dancing, and knew I wanted it as a career. Right away after I finished my first dancing class, I told my mom that I will be a dancer one day. And here I am.


Who or what was your inspiration?

I think no one…I just loved dancing since I was a little girl. I think we can be successful if we have a passion for it, along with patience, determination and commitment to succeed. It also helps to have a support from family, friends, etc. because they will always be that extra push for you to keep going and not give up.


When and where did you start training?

I have been dancing since I was six years old. I went to my first dance class with Annick Chapui close to my hometown, Lunel, in the South of France. I continued professional training at the conservatory in Montpellier, Avignon, then Collette Armand in Marseille before heading out and moving to Paris... and started my career here, in Paradis Latin.


When did you join the Paradis Latin Team?

About 11 years ago. So, it has been approximately 11 years I’ve been dancing for Paradis Latin.


What kind of dance (performance) do you do?

I am specialized in Classical dances such as Ballet but also have done Modern, Salsa, Tango, and many kinds of dances. Overall, be able to do any kind of dances is one of the requirement to become a profesionnal dancer.


How would you describe what you do as a captain?

If I had to describe what I do I would have to say I am the one who is in charge for the show, particularly for the artistic side, the show must go on whatever happens at the backstage. I work alongside the dancers for the training, rehearsal, etc. Basically, I am the one who choose the dancers through the auditions, give them a training for about 2 weeks, and make sure that they are ready to perform.


What’s a typical work week like?

A typical work week for me would be preparation for the show, training, working out, and the show itself. A week starts on Wednesday and finishes on Monday. Tuesday is our day off. We work six days per week. In several occasions, we have two shows a day, for lunch and dinner time, especially around Christmas and New Years.


What do you like about what you do?

There isn’t one specific thing that I like about what I do. All I can say is that I love it. I love performing, so definitely one thing would have to be when I am on stage in front of hundreds of people. It brings me joy to be able to tell people that I am actually living my dream.


How much time do you get for yourself?

That is a tricky one. Aside from a show, I’m the mother of a 4 year old boy. So, I can say that I don’t have much time for myself. I prefer to spend time with my son during the day.


Can you describe Paradis Latin in 3 words ?

I will say, Joy, Extraordinary team and Authentic.


What are your goals/dreams for the future?

My dreams for the future would be to continue to dance, keeping my position as a captain for this team. Lastly, it would be to just enjoy life and make money doing what I love, just to be as successful as I can be and carry on enjoying dancing as a career.



Author : Gisella ALISYA

Photo : Jaeun HAN