Paris est toujours Paris


Inside the Passage Jouffroy, there is the perfect French souvenir shop, PARIS EST TOUJOURS PARIS. This passage is a shopping street covered by a glass dome. There are around 20 passages in Paris, and the most popular one is Passage Jouffroy. Grevin Museum, the oldest wax museum in Europe, is located inside, and this passage is connected to other passages on each side.


The variety of French souvenirs gives you a warm welcome you when you enter PARIS EST TOUJOURS PARIS. The owners have selected the most popular souvenirs among visitors. Most of the souvenirs here are hand-made in France. 


What comes to your mind when you hear 'Parisians'? Passing by the eiffel tower, with a baguette in hand, wearing strips and a beret? This boutique sells berets from a luxury brand of berets, LAULHÈRE. Different colors of berets are displayed on the wall and there is a video which shows you how the beret is made. The white spindle on the left is what goes through the master's hand to become the complete beret.  


All the berets are one-size and you can adjust the size freely by stretching the end.


The berets from LAULHÈRE are hand-made and 100% wool, which can be warm in winter, and cool in summer. The shape is changeable freely allowing you to create different fashion styles. 


Another representative item in France is this striped T-shirt. PARIS EST TOUJOURS PARIS also presents striped T-shirts from Saint James, one of the most famous marine brands. 


In front of the store counter, you can find a wide variety of Parisian magnets and works of French painters. You can also find the most comfortable and basic Eiffel Tower key chains as a souvenir gift in Paris at affordable prices and find Eiffel Tower snowballs.


There are also a variety of snowballs, the most classic of which is the Paris landmark. The decoration of the Christmas tree also includes a hand-drawn fly.


A little prince who is loved all over the world. There are a variety of items such as pencil cases, pouches, mugs, hand mirrors, pencils, eco bags, etc. You can also find souvenirs and household goods with the Little Prince drawn on demand.


PARIS EST TOUJOURS PARIS also has special music boxes. The Eiffel Tower symbolizes Paris, the Arc de Triomphe, and the rooster symbolizes France. It is a good souvenir to remember the city of lights. 


A souvenir postcard with both caustic rain and functionality. Would not it be possible to convey the romance of Paris with just one postcard?


O'bon Paris' tip

There are all kinds of souvenirs, including a coffe table, a small tray and Provencal soap. Most of the products are handmade in France, so let's present the memories of Paris with the O-bon Paris discount coupons at PARIS EST TOUJOURS PARIS.

There is another store where you can buy French berets and get a 10% discount near Montmartre. You can visit their second store which has a sign that says "au chat noir" near Abbesses station. By presenting this coupon, you will receive a 10% discount. Please note that at their second store they only sell berets.


Words by Yuna Lee

Photographs by Jessy Cornu

Paris est toujours Paris


Address : 47 Passage Jouffroy, 75009 Paris

Transportation : Metro line 8 Grands Boulevards

Opening Hours : Daily 10:00-19:00



Address : 7 Rue la Vieuville, 75018 Paris

Transportation : Metro line 12 Abbesses

Opening Hours : Daily 10:00-18:00