Easy to be Parisian


You must have read Models, Celebrities, Beauty editors and magazines raving about French beauty and French Pharmacies. We planned to find out what the fuss was about. And by the end of the day were convinced that French pharmacy particularly Pharmacy Monge is a heaven for all skincare and beauty lovers.

Pharmacy Monge is one of the best French pharmacies in Paris offering multiple products ranging from health and fitness to beauty and skincare.We decided to pay a visit to Pharmacy Monge at 78, rue Monge,75005 Paris.

And following are some of the products we think you need in your shopping bags.

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ITEM 1 .FORTICEA shampoo prevents hair loss and provides healthy hair with tonicia shampoo.

Item 2- URIAGE Yu-Ju Lip Balm

Monge Pharmacy’s best-selling Uriage Chestnut lip balm gives you supple and hydrated lips.


ITEM 3. LEBON Toothpaste

Lebon toothpaste, made from 100% natural ingredients, is made with no fluorine, paraben, and no artificial colour, making your teeth healthier and more fragrant.


The famous Nuxe oil is multi-oil that can be used for hair and face and body and has over time become an indispensable French beauty essential.


Item 5. A-DERM Atopy & Dry Cream

The EXOMEGA D.E.F.I cream, made from non-paraben, no-opaque and non-artificial fragrances, can be used by all family members on dry, damaged skin as well as atopic skin. It can be used safely because it is stored in the aseptically treated container.


ITEM  6. CONDENSE Bean Sugar Anti-Aging Hand Cream

Anti-aging hand cream that gently infiltrates into the skin with a fresh fragrance to prevent ageing on skin.



The fragrant chamomile fragrance helps to soothe delicate skin which has suffered irritation and damage.

ITEM   8. A-DERMA  Ultra Regenerating Cream

An all-around revitalizing cream that revitalizes acne scars and all skin wounds cleanly and quickly.


ITEM 9. A-DERMA Cleansing Gel

Aderma cleansing gel is suitable for acne skin and makes it clean and beautiful by purifying the skin.


ITEM  10. ALGOLOGIE Mineral Cleansing Water

HYDRA ECUME is cleansing water which is rich in minerals and gets rids of makeup, leaving the skin clean and hydrated.

ITEM   11. GALENIC Aqua Infini Lotion

Unlike products that are soaked in cosmetic cotton, it is used directly on the skin to protect the skin from heavy metals particles and allergic properties.


ITEM   12. VALMONT Renewing Pack

The product transform's your skin into baby skin in 15 minutes, the magic Valmont Renewing Pack will have a revitalizing effect! If you have complex skin, we recommend using a Purifying Pack rather than a Renewing Pack.


ITEM 13 . ALGOLOGIE hydrating cream

A new product from Algologie, made from a natural sea extract derived from the Bruntaneu region of France helps in naturally hydrating your skin giving it a healthier and younger look.

ITEM14. CONDENSE Soybean Sugar Jisung Emulsion

The water-based emulsion for oily skin, made of natural ingredients.

ITEM15. GALENIC Secret Excellence Cream

It is a magical cream that gets rid of wrinkles and improves hydration, skin texture and radiance for absolute beauty.

Famous cosmetics sold at Monge Pharmacy are shopping essential in Paris, but you cannot miss the nutritional health products! Let's make a shopping list that includes only the necessary nutrients that can be responsible for the health of the family as well as yourself.


ITEM 1. NucléOx, Orthosamine

Orthosamine is a multivitamin with enzymes that absorbs energy and strengthens the immune system. NucléOx, a multi-vitamin nutrient from NHCO, is a component produced only in the Cavaillon region of southern France, SOD (superoxide dismutase: a function that protects cells from oxidative damage and plays a role in cell regeneration, fatigue recovery, ) Is a multi-nutritional supplement.
(NucléOx - 1 or 2 tablets per day / Orthosamine - 1 tablet per day before breakfast)


VIT'ALL + is a nutritional supplement that helps prevent ageing and lower blood pressure through antioxidant action.
(Taking one tablet a day after meals)


VIT'ALL + 's Vital detox is a natural ingredient extracted from broccoli extract and 7 organic plants, which helps detoxification.


Dyno-Mins Magnésium, a natural magnesium supplement called Nature's Plus, helps improve stress-relieving, insomnia, depression, dyspepsia and facial muscle spasms by improving stress-related illnesses.
(Take one dose per day)


Minceur 24 Fort, a dietary supplement that helps weight loss, is more effective when it is developed to fit the body of women, young women and men over 45 years of age.


Nature's Plus Ultra Lutein is 100% natural lutein that protects your eye health.
(Taking one dose per day)


PiLeJe's omega-3 fatty acid dietary supplement (DHA) reduces the risk of arteriosclerosis and increases the body's good cholesterol levels. Omega-3 EPA is an omega-3 fatty acid that protects against various diseases such as cholesterol lowering and brain function.
(Taking 1-3 capsules per day)



SANTE VERTE's Cognisciences Nutritional Supplements is a brain-function activating nutrient for improving memory and concentration of examinees and students. Brain nutrition should be taken only for a month without continuing for a long term.
(Take 2-3 capsules daily)


SANTE VERTE's Circulymphe nutrient is a red grape extract that helps blood circulation.
(Taking 1-2 capsules daily)


FORTE PHARMA's Expert Cheveux nutrients are 12 vitamins and minerals that can supply the power, volume and nutrition for hair and nails.
(Take one meal a day)

The good news is pharmacy Monge is soon opening several other outlets across Paris for your convenience. So bookmark this page for your next skincare shopping extravaganza.


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