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Shopping list for MONGE Beauty Store

You must have read about models, celebrities, beauty bloggers and magazines raving about French beauty and French beauty stores. We planned to find out what the fuss was about. And by the end of the day we were convinced that French beauty stores and particularly Monge is a heaven for all skincare and beauty lovers. 

The Monge beauty store is one of the best French beauty stores in Paris, offering a large variety of products ranging from health and fitness to beauty and skincare. And following are some of the products we think you need in your shopping bags. 

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1. EXERTIER Orchid moisturizing lotion

Extracted from orchids grown 1,300 above sea level, the orchid extract ensures a moisturized and softer skin. 


2. LEBON Toothpaste

Known as the Hermès of toothpaste, the LEBON toothpaste is 100% organic and is made with all natural ingredients. The three flavours include mint, cinnamon and licorice. The tube shaped packaging is exquisite, even the beauty blogger I Am Charlie recommends it!

The toothpaste also contains zero parabenn, triclosan, fluorine, chemical dyes 0r saccharin found on regular toothpaste.


3. CONDENSE Smooting Eye Serum

The all-in-one Eye Cream and Eye Serum from Condensé effectively removes wrinkles and reduces the fine lines in the skin, giving you bright and radiant eyes. It is also suitable for sensitive skin. 


4. A-DERMA Ultra-repairing Cream

The Ultra-repairing cream combines repairing, rejuvinating and disinfecting functions. Rich in all natural oat extract, it is even suitable for baby skin. 


5. ALGOROGIE Hydra-replenishing booster

The hydra-replenishing booster accelerates skin absorption and effectively replenish moisture in the skin, ensuring smooth and nourished skin. 


6. EXERTIER Facial Cream

The Exertier Facial cream ensures fresh and clear skin and prevents stickiness. It is perfect for hot and humid weather. 


7. INSTITUT KARITEShea hand Cream Trio

A selection of gift boxes are available for purchase at the Monge beauty store. This selection of hand creams is perfect for gifts and souvenirs. 


8. CONDENSE Anti Aging Lifting Serum

The herbal essence is extrated from natural ingredients, which help protect against wrinked skin and promotes bright and balanced skin. 



Left: Oxygenating and Revitalizing Mask

The revitalizing face mask contains natural seaweed ingredients which as a powerful repair and antioxidant agent. 

Right: Oxygenating Cleansing Foam

Rich in remineralising and oxygenating active ingredients, the foam cleanses the skin gently and lightly, leaving it fresh without drying.


10. A-DERMA Sunscreen lotion

The lightweight and comfortable mattifying sunscreen is suitable for oily and acne-prone skin.


11. LEANOR BIO Organic Exfoliating Cream (Face and Body)

This organic face cream provides gentle protection to a baby's skin. It's nourshing ingredients makes it suitable for both the face and body.


12. NATURY BIO Cleanser

Made with all natural ingredients, the clenaser removes dirt and makeup while keeping the skin moisturized and smooth.



100% Natural Lutein repairs fatigue and aging in eyes and promotes healthy vision.


14. DYNO-MINS Magnesium Supplement

Relieves stress and fatigue, and energizes the body. 


15. CHRONOBIANE Melatonin Supplement

Left: Melatonin Supplement spray

The Melatonin Spray made with hawthorn extract helps with sleep and alleviates jet lag.

Right: Melatonin Supplement tablets

Rich in natural Melatonin, Magnesium and Vitamin D3 and E, the supplement relieves insomnia and fatigue.


16. ARTIXINE Joint Repair Supplement

Alleviates discomfort in the joints. 


17. NHCO Vitamins Supplement

Left: Orthosamine Vitamin tablets

Contains 9 amino acids and 12 natural vitamins to strengthen the body's nutritional balance and relieve fatigue.

Right : NucléOx Nutritional Supplement

The supplement helps with dietary imbalances and provides replenishes the body with essential nutrients.


18. DERMACTIFS Skin supplement

 The supplement provides the nutritional needs of all skin types, improving skin elasticity and radiance.


19. HYALURONIC SILICIUM Skin nutrient 

The anti-aging serum strenghens your skin and increase resilience to the signs of aging. 


20. DUOLAC DAILY VITALITY supplement and Vitamin C

Contains 500 milion probiotics and rich in vitamin C to promote a healthy immune system.


21.DUOLAC TRAVEL 2 in 1 supplement

Suited for travelers, this supplement aids in adapting to new dietary environments. 



Containing 14 types of essential extracts. Relieves muscle tissue and alleviates muscle sore.



Saint-Siegel best selling purifying spray, containing 41 essential oils. Purifies air and eliminates bacteria.

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