Le Refuge du Passé

A French Culinary Time Travel Adventure in Paris

Le refuge du passé, french restaurant, 5e arrondissement

Step into the charming world of Le Refuge du Passé, a hidden gem located in the heart of Paris, 5eme arrondissement, where we can find the art of Traditional French cuisine. As its name suggests, this place stores memories and charms of old Paris.


Back to old Paris

Led by Chef Alexandre and his dedicated team, this special restaurant invites guests to savor traditional French meals crafted with love and passion.

Restaurant Le refuge du passé, French restaurant

As you enter, you'll be greeted by a friendly atmosphere with theater posters and vintage objects from the early 1900s, setting the stage for an unforgettable dining experience. An additional tip: in the back of the restaurant there is a secret table behind soft velvet curtains for an intimate romantic dinner. Reserve it in advance if you want to catch that table.

Le refuge du passé, Retro-style French Restaurant in Paris

Join me as we explore the culinary delights offered by Le Refuge du Passé, where each dish tells a story of French gastronomy at its finest. 


Authentic French cuisine

The charm of this restaurant is not only in its interior design but also its deliciously authentic French cuisine. Some of the classic French recipes were creatively upgraded with a modern twist to make them taste and look even better. Led by the head waiter Nicolas who offers exemplary service, there is a refined selection of wines from various French regions that will subtly accompany lunch or dinner. Let's have a look at a few of their dishes we tried.

Traditional French starters

Our culinary journey begins with a tantalizing array of starters that awaken the senses.

Wine, Duck Terrin with Grenn Pepper, French Restaurant

The Duck Terrine with Green Pepper offers a symphony of flavors, while the Upside-down Mango Pie with Duck Foie Gras presents a delightful combination of sweet and savory notes, presenting the ingenuity of Chef Alexandre and his team.

Upside-down Mango Pie with Duck Foie Gras, Salads with balsamic dressing

Both dishes have salads on the side with balsamic dressing which makes feel fresher before starting the flavorful main dishes.

Camembert, baked cheese with honey, Provencal herbs, French Restaurant

Camembert is a round French cheese that is similar to Brie but with a more intense and nutty flavor. This baked cheese, molten on the inside, comes with honey and Provencal herbs on top and has a sweet and refreshing taste, leaving a fragrant taste without being greasy. A mouth-watering appetizer.

 Main Courses made with healthy and seasonal products

Salad of Lentils, Poached Egg, Smoked Salmon, French Restaurant

As main courses, the Salad of Lentils, Poached Egg, and Smoked Salmon is a good choice who want a fresh and healthy meal, drizzled with a delicate chive sauce that enhances the freshness of the ingredients.

Tender Beef Steak served with crispy fries, French restaurant

The Tender Beef Steak served with crispy fries and a side salad is definitely a good choice for people craving juicy steaks with red wines. The golden french fries are perfectly nice and crispy adding enjoyment of a savory taste.

French Casserole, white beans, onions, tomatos, duck, pork meat, French restaurant

For a taste of rustic charm, indulge in the French Casserole, brimming with white beans, onions, tomatoes, duck, and pork meat, reminiscent of hearty home-cooked meals enjoyed in the French countryside. 

potatoes, cream, nutmeg, bacon, molten alps cheese, french restaurant

And of course, no visit to Le Refuge du Passé would be complete without savoring the House-made Tartiflette, featuring layers of potatoes, cream, nutmeg, bacon, and molten Alps cheese, perfectly paired with a selection of wines to enhance the dining experience. Especially molten alps cheese covering ingredients brings up the flavor of the whole dish.

Delicate Desserts that hit the spot

Save room for the grand finale as we explore sweet and rich desserts offered by Le Refuge du Passé.

Molten Chocolate Cake,Toblerone, pistachio ice cream, Duo of Profiteroles, Upside-Down Apple pie

The Molten Chocolate Cake with Toblerone and pistachio ice cream is a chocolate lover's dream. In contrast, the Duo of Profiteroles with hot chocolate and Vanilla ice cream offers a texture that is soft and spongy, with a high degree of airiness. For a classic comforting end to the meal, here is another option too. The warm, caramelized Upside-Down Apple pie paired with the cold and creamy vanilla ice cream creates a delightful contrast that leaves a lasting impression.

O'bon Paris' Tips

Teddy bear, les nounours des gobelins

Le Refuge du Passé is more than just a restaurant, it's a journey through traditional French taste where we can experience the essence of French Gastronomy in Paris. Download O'bon Paris' coupon and get a 10% discount on all the dishes and drinks by presenting the coupon at the restaurant. From the fresh starters to the hearty main courses and decadent desserts, every bite is filled with warmth and hospitality.


Author, Photographs -O'bonParis Team 

Le Refuge du Passé

Address : 32 Rue du Fer À Moulin, 75005 Paris

Transportation : Metro line 7 Censier-Daubenton station 

Opening hours : 12:00-15:00, 19:00-22:00, closed on Monday and Tuesday

Website : click here