The only one brewery survived the world war

the best brewery visit in Belgium

Hidden in the very center of Bruges, nearby the world heritage of Begijnhof, Brugse Zot is produced by De Halve Maan. You can take a brewery visit tour in the heart of Bruges.


Just when you enter the building, you will find this pipeline, saying '3276m'. This is an underground beer pipeline to prevent that the beer trucks which carries from the brewery to the bottling place break the road. De Halve Maan wanted to respect the city of Bruges and decided to build up pipeline for the first time in the world. With a crowdfunding campaign, the investment by the Flemish Government and so on, this big project came true and now has done and is actually working.


 Discover the oldest brewery in Bruges

De Halvemaan brewery tour

First, you can find this reception to enroll before the brewery tour. You can book online by sending an e-mail. Further information is given below on this page. There is also a giftshop where you can buy beer souvenirs.

Beer brewery in Bruges

The tour takes about 45 minutes and you will see almost all the facilities to produce the beer except for the bottling. This is a brewing room and you can look into. The beer brewery tour at De Halve Maan is the most visited one in Belgium with over 100.000 visitors per year.

guided beer brewery tour in Belgium

The guided tour is available in English as well as in French and Dutch and German. It depends on the schedule so you can check or ask from the webpage below. 

De Halvemaan brewery tour In Flanders

De Halve Maan, located in the heart of Bruges. Beer in Belgium has been a very important lifeline as it was the replacement of water when the tapped water was still dirty while the beer is once disinfected and safe. De Halve Maan has been at this location since it started. 

Bruges where to see the city view

One of the best thing that is not very known is, that we can say this is the greatest city view in Bruges! Located literally in the heart of the city, near the Begijnhof of Bruges, it actually has such a splendid view and you can see during the tour. 

Bruges brewery tour

Mind the steps since there are two steep stairs on the course of the tour. Instead, you will feel how the people were working for a long time ago in Bruges.

beer cafe in Bruges

After the tour, you will be invited to this beer cafe. There are many seats that you can sit down. Make yourself cozy and enjoy the beer!


Author and photographs - Leona Fujii 


Address: Walplein 26, 8000 Brugge, Belgium
Admission fee : Adult - 12 euro / Children (6-12 years old) - 6 euro
Guided tour schedule: Everyday 11:45, 14:45
Registration: Click here