Address: 61 Rue Henry Farman, 75015 Paris

Time: Depends on the reservation time

Reservations: https://www.helipass.com/fr/vols-helicoptere-touristiques/1/vols-panoramiques-paris-versailles.html

(Exclusive  40% with discount code ¨Obonparis¨(for 1 passenger), ¨Obonparis2¨ (for 2 passengers), ¨Obonparis3¨ (for 3 passengers), etc )



The myth of Ikaros, Leonardo da Vinci, and the Wright brothers. When humans have long dreamed to fly in the sky a hundred years ago. Looking overseas from the sky, don't you just love they way the world looks from up above?

We introduce HELIPASS, a dreams come true, when we can enjoy the most spectacular way to get from Paris to Versailles.


When you arrive at their place, you will see the doorbell on the left side of the door. Press the arrow to select HELIPASS, then press the call button.



When you entre the hangar, you will see the helicopter on display after a simply safety training. Then you can have a look on their helicopter display  


Pre-trip training or safety training to make sure that travellers are adequately prepared before a trip, you just need to fasten your seatbelts like you do when you drive a car and several knowledge about the trip.


In helicopter, jump seats are provided for individuals who are not operating the aircraft. Except for some helicopters, the right seat in the cockpit of an aircraft is the seat used by the co-pilot. If you're lucky, you can sit at the right seat in the cockpit, or if you want to sit in the front seat, You can pay an additional fee and enjoy your complimentary seat selection.  


These helicopter flights offer you a unique view of Paris. You will see all the major monuments by air. It is probably the most spectacular way to see Paris!


Visit to Versailles is a dream experience for many travelers, and getting there by Helicopter is like a magic dream ever. We advise you to sit facing the door on departure and on the return trip. 



An Italian couple visiting Paris for their honeymoon, accompanied us on this trip. A surprise that the husband had prepared for his lovely wife. 


It is a 15 minute trip to Versailles.



You can take a rest for a while and enjoy coffee or something to drink in a private room next to the runway. 



The Pilot was really friendly, attentive and very knowledgeable. He explains knowledge in flight and let us get an understanding of the life of a pilot.



Panoramic view of Paris. 


The vertical take-off is truly amazing and the views from the skies are simply stunning. As soon as you land, there is staff to helps you exit the helicopter. 


When you finish your flight, you will receive a certificate. A helicopter flying experience is guaranteed to be a memorable one. An amazing trip and a check-off of your bucket list.