In this article, we want to introduce one of the most prominent French skincare brands that specializes in fragile skin treatment A-Derma.


A-Derma, the expert brand in all fragile skin types treatment

The skin is the largest organ of the human body, the strongest natural biological barrier, and also the most sensitive indicator that reflects the general condition of the body. Also, the very first beauty criterion is healthy skin. The primary helper on the way to beautiful, healthy skin is smart and professional skincare. Skin type is the main criterion to rely on when choosing daily care. Many cosmetologists agree that it is better not to use any skincare at all than one not suitable for your skin type. If your skin is very sensitive or problematic, we advise you to pay attention to the professional care cosmetics brand A-Derma.

sensitive fragile atopy skins

A-Derma belongs to a well-know French pharmaceutical group Pierre Fabre. One of the main active ingredients used in all A-Derma products is a particular type of oat called Rhealba. In the 1970s, the pharmacist Pierre Fabre launched research on properties of oat that could be useful for skincare. He cultivated this type of oat near his hometown in southern France, as oat had been used there for more than three thousand years for medical purposes. The choice of Rhealba Oat results in 30 years of expertise and more than 50 studies conducted by A-Derma research team under the control of dermatologists and pediatricians. These studies proved that Rhealba Oat rebalances, soothes, and restores fragile skin. This type of oat is cultivated through responsible and organic agriculture in southern France (in Tarn), close to the laboratories and factories that produce A-Derma cosmetics.


A-Derma products 

A-Derma prodcuts

A-Derma develops several product families. Each range targets specific skin issues.


Dermalibour + Barrier

This cream protects irritated skin from climatic conditions, chemical aggressions and air pollution. Its texture provides a "second-skin" effect, leaving a soft protective film. It also purifies the skin from impurities via its copper-zinc formula.


Exomega Control shower oil and emollient cream

Exomega Control products with unique anti-scratching properties aim to treat dry and atopy-prone skin. The emollient shower oil Exomega Control is a soap-free gentle cleanser that calms irritations of atopy-prone skin.

Exomega control

Exomega Control emollient cream soothes the skin barrier of dry and atopy-prone skin and reduces itching. Due to its sterile, natural formula, and absence of any artificial preservatives or fragrances, Exomega Control emollient cream can be used even for newborns and children.


Phys-AC Foaming Gel

The Phys-AC product range is also designed for acne-prone skin. French dermatologists often prescribe such soft foaming gel against acne. It gently cleanses the skin without drying it. Soft creamy foam and a delicate scent make daily use of this gel a delightful ritual. Also, it is as gentle on the skin as on the environment with a biodegradable formula containing 86% of ingredients of natural origin.


Epitheliale AH Ultra

We would like to finish by highlighting one of A-Derma top products, Epitheliale AH Ultra. It is an ultra-restoring and anti-mark cream.

Phys Ac Aderma

Its formula is rich in Cicahyalumide, which helps to reduce marks, and natural extract of Peru creeper (liane du Perou) which soothes immediately, preventing from scratching wounds, that can cause marks. It is perfect for epidermal alterations (wounds, tattoos …) or superficial dermatological operations (such as plastic surgery operations, for instance). Epitheliale AH Ultra has a natural formula with 94% of natural ingredients. It is available in travel size 40 ml tube that you can bring along in your handbag, as well as a 100 ml tube for keeping at home.


If you want to get more information about all A-Derma products, we invite you to have a look at their website. You can play with their search algorithm: describe your skin type, its needs, and which skin zone you want to treat, and the site will help you find your perfect product.

where to buy sensitive skin cosmetics

As a dermo-cosmetic brand, A-Derma can be found mostly in French pharmacies. In Paris, you can find most of A-Derma products in Parapharmacies Monge. Don't forget to use O'bon Paris' 10% discount coupon that can be downloaded here.


Author and photos: O'bon Paris Team