The French cosmetic brand inspired by the Sea


In this article we will introduce the natural and unique French brand Algologie, and some of its best products.


An unique biotope that led to an unique brand

Brittany (Bretagne) is a region of North-West France famous for its vibrant Celtic culture, its beautiful cities and villages and its delicious gastronomy. But it is also the cradle of the niche cosmetic brand Algologie. The brand products are created and made on the Pen Lan Peninsula, in the Northern part or Brittany. In this natural reserve, there is a unique biotope called Sillon de Talbert. It’s a 35 meter wide dune barrier standing up to the tough Atlantic waves.


According to some Arthurian legends, it was built by Merlin the Wizard to walk in the sea to reach his lover fairy Viviane that was living in the water... Seaweed of all sorts proliferates around the Sillon de Talbert, which is a natural nursery for more than 800 species of seaweed and marine plants. Seaweed and marine plants have been studies by Scientists there since decades, especially for their capacity to resist harsh conditions. Algology laboratory in Pen Lan applied these researches to the specific field of cosmetics.


Algologie formulas and active ingredients

French brand Algologie

Marine ingredients have been used for centuries in traditional medicine and cosmetics all around the world. Algologie Research Laboratories have been at the forefront of research and innovation in marine biotechnology for decades. The Algologie R&D team, led by Gérard Redziniak (doctor un molecular chemistry), developed cosmetic formulas to revitalize the skin with 4  main active ingredients sourced from seaweed and marine plants: Undaria Pinnatifida a seaweed with amazing properties for protecting the skin, Porphyridium cruentum, a seaweed that boosts micro-circulation and improves natural skin oxygenation, the marine plant Alpine Sea Holly with strong properties to nourish and hydrate the skin and the Plant stems of Sea Fennel that stimulates all the skin cells and increase collagen and elastin production. Apart from this complex, Algolgie laboratories use many other ingredients, but in average 95% of the ingredients are from natural origin: they do not use parabens, mineral oil, propylene glycol or other suspect ingredients.


Discover some of Algologie bestsellers

Algologie provides several ranges of products with name inspired by Brittany Se aside (Marine Garden, Dunes, Waves, Archipelago …). We have selected some of our favorite Algologie products to help you build your perfect beauty routine.


Hydra Ecume Oxygenating cleansing foam

Hydra Ecume Algologie

This light and airy foam will get rid of the day’s grime, dirt, oil and makeup and help the skin breathe thanks to a formula that oxygenates the skin cells. It cleans the skin gently and suits all type of skins.


Élixir des Vagues - Hydra-Replenishing Booster

Elixir des vagues

This Elixir act both as a Booster and a Serum, to enhances the benefits of your moisturizer. It improves the skin quality which replenish thanks to an intensive hydrating plumping concentrate, that contains two kinds of Hyaluronic acids, as well as minerals and trace elements. Apply few drops on your skin with your fingertips and wait two minutes before applying your cream.


Elixir du Rivage - Lifting & Tightening Booster

Elixir du Rivage

If you are searching for an anti-ageing Booster and Serum, Elixir du Rivage is the right choice. it reduces wrinkles and restores the skin’s smooth appearance thanks to its unique “lifting” texture. You can apply a few drops morning and evening on your face before your moisturizer.

Crème des vagues, Hydra-tender Cream

crème des vagues Algologie

For moisturizers, Algologie offers many options too. Crème des Vagues is a light, velvety cream that melts into the skin and refreshes it instantly. It provides a long lasting moisturizing of the skin, that looks  soft and radiant.


Crème de la Presqu’île

crème de la Presqu'île

This Redensifying & plumping cream reduce the appearance of the signs of aging. It contains the best age-defying ingredients such as Tamarind (known as "botanical hyaluronic acid") that provides long-lasting hydration, and Laminaria Digitata that stimulates the synthesis of collagen. The cream reduces the appearance of wrinkles, and visibly improve the skin elasticity and complexion radiance.


Gel-crème de l’Archipel

gel crème de l'archipel

If you prefer Gel types of  moisturizers, try this Gel cream, which has a purifying and mattifying formula. It hydrates and rebalances the skin, absorbs sebum and tighten the pores, instantly eliminating shiny marks. the skin remains clear and velvety all day long.


 Baume de la Presqu’île

baume yeux presqu'île

Baume de la Presqu'île can be used as an eye contour as well as a lip contour balm. This rich, silky balm smooths the eye contour area and the lip contour. It can be applied morning and evening, by gently dabbing it around the eyes and lip contour with the fingertips.


Bulles Marines Mask

Bulles Marines mask

Bulles Marines is a Oxygenating and revitalizing Mask: it forms oxygen bubbles and create a fizzy sensation on the skin, for an intense oxygenation. Cleanse your skin before putting your mask to achieve the best results. Once your skin is ready for your mask, Apply a thin layer to your face, avoiding the eyes. The mask will gradually become effervescent: when the fizzing stops, your mask is ready to remove: rinse well with warm water. You can apply a mask one or to times per week.


O'bon Paris' tip

Bretagne Algologie

We hope you will have the chance to visit Brittany some day. However, no need to go there to discover Algologie! If you visit Paris, you can find Algologie products in Parapharmacies Monge.

Author - O'bon Paris Team

Photographs - Phan Thanh Thủy and Haoyi Cheng