Anti-redness Beauty routine

Bioderma Micellar Water

In this article, we introduce some of Bioderma’s best sellers and help you to build a beauty routine for sensitive skin prone to redness and rosacea.


Bioderma: a trustworthy iconic brand

Bioderma Sensitive skins

Bioderma is a cult brand loved around the world and specialized in non-comedogenic products.  A pioneer since the 1970s, all Bioderma products are created by a team of Biologists and Dermatologists: the brand’s iconic product is the H20 micellar water, which was the first launched on the market back in 1995. Bioderma has specifically formulated the micellar water for the most sensitive skin and intolerant skin:  The products of this French skincare brand are known for being highly effective but gentle enough to use on even the most sensitive skin. Their teams of biologists and dermatologists have conducted extensive research to create a line of products designed to protect the skin and boost its resistance to environmental factors.


Bioderma beauty routine for sensitive/prone to redness skins

Anti redness senstive skin beauty routine

If you have sensitive/prone to redness skin you should not use too many products in your routine, and you should also use only suitable products, that suit your skin type. We have designed for you’re a beauty routine specifically addressing redness/rosacea that is particularly recommended for sensitive skins. These products of Bioderma are super easy to use and to incorporate into a daily routine.



Clean your skin


Any beauty routine starts with a first and essential step: taking off your makeup and cleaning your skin. The famous micellar water Créaline H20 has an anti-redness version (Crealine H20 AR). We recommend you to use this one if you have sensitive and intolerant skins, prone to redness and rosacea.

How to use Bioderma crealine H20 AR

Don’t splash the product onto your skin: soak a cotton pad then wipe it gently over your skin. Re-apply the micellar solution until the pad becomes clean. There is no need to use water to ‘wash away’ the micellar water. Micellar water can be used twice a day. If you want a second cleansing, you can use Créaline Gel Moussant, a mild foaming gel cream. Apply a drop of the gel on the wet skin of your face, work the cleanser into a foam and rinse it off to eliminate any trace of impurity. This product is also designed for sensitive skin, cleanse gently, and reduce irritations.



Treat the redness


Your purified skin is ready for the next step of your skincare routine: treating the redness. Crealine Anti-redness skincare contains in its formula the Rosactiv patent, which helps to soothe the skin and prevent redness from occurring: it has a dual action on redness, as it prevents the vascular and the inflammatory disruptions. It also hydrates and soothes the skin. You can apply Crealine AR twice a day on the whole face.



Moisturize, protect and unify the complexion


Crealine Anti redness BB cream provides instant comfort and leaves the skin soft, soothed, and protected. The cream has very good coverage of the redness: It’s got quite a thick consistency but blends really easily. It has also the ROSACTIV patent which helps prevent the dilation of blood vessels and calms redness, with ingredients to help reduce inflammation in the skin.

Bioderma BB CREAM

Last but not least, the cream also works as a sunscreen, with an SPF 30 protection. It protects you from approximately 97% UVA/UVB rays (that aggravates redness) during your everyday life (If the case of long-term sun exposure in summer it is better to apply for SPF 50 protection). The packaging is a slim elongated white tube that you can easily bring with you in your handbag.



Eye Contour

Bioderma Eye Contour

Finer and more fragile, the skin around the eyes has specific characteristics that require adapted care. Crealine Yeux instantly soothes sensations of discomfort and irritation in the eye area, delivers straight-up moisture with no harsh ingredients. This gel (more of an ultra-light cream)  is specifically designed for sensitive and intolerant skin types. Caffeine, a decongesting ingredient, helps reduce puffiness.


We hope that this article was useful and that it will help you take better care of your sensitive skin. If you have the chance to visit France, you can find Bioderma products in most of the Pharmacies. If you shop in Parapharmacies Monge, enjoy a special discount thanks to O'bon Paris Coupon.

Authors and Photos: O'bon Paris Team