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BISTROT BEAUBOURG - Authentic French Bistro

CATEGORY: Authentic French Bistro

ADDRESS: 25 rue Quincampoix, 75004 Paris (Metro Châtelet Line 1, 4, 7, 11, 14)

OPEN HOURS: 12:00-2:00 am, from Mon to Sun  

PRICES: from 6,60 € to 20 €

TIPS: Le Bistrot Beaubourg is very close to the Centre Pompidou. It is a perfect place to enjoy a simple and affordable French meal after a visit to the Centre Pompidou.  

Le Bistrot Beaubourg is a good French bistro for enjoying an inexpensive lunch or dinner. The prices are quite reasonable and you will find the food quite delicious and reasonable. 


This bistro is located in the central Paris, close to the Centre Pompidou. The district is rather dynamic. The bistro provides very authentic French food. It is simple but very delicious. Besides, the servers are very efficient in serving dishes and nice to the customers.



It is a good idea to choose your dish from the daily specials. The dishes are mentioned on the board or a small piece of paper inserted in the menu. The prices are totally different from the utterly high prices of the restaurants in the tourist spots.

On the day we visited, we ordered Osso Bucco Spaghetti and  Fish-Spinach Quiche.

Osso Bucco Spaghetti

It's a spaghetti with stewed calf elbow. Actually, it is a cuisine from Italy. Different from Asian style for spaghettis, the sauce is normally put on the top of the spaghetti and the meat is chopped into small pieces. Osso Bucco Spaghetti separates the sauce from the spaghettis and the beef.  So, this can be surprising to Asian tourists. Therefore, we would like to recommend their beef, which was tender. We had thought it would be tougher from its appearance. You can order a glass of red wine for your red meat.



Fish-Spinach Quiche

 The goodness of a Quiche depends on the way its cooked.It was not over cooked and the fish matched well with the spinach. We recommend you to order a glass of white wine complimenting the dish.


The bistro is a very classic French bistro. We can choose to supper on the terrace or in the restaurant.



Le Bistrot Beaubourg is a restaurant for simple French food and quality food. It is in the central city and next to the art museum. We recommend it for its low-priced food and hospitable services.


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