Address : 134 Quai de Bacalan, 33300 Bordeaux
Oepning hours : 10:00 - 18:00 (Holiday open until 19:00), Closed on Christmas Day.
Acces : La Cité du Vin Stasion (Tram B), Bus stop La Cité du Vin (Liane 7, Corol32, Citéis 45)
Admission Fee : 20€ for Adult, 16€ For students


The wine museum is listed as one of the must places to visit when you are in Bordeaux. Very interactive museum with amazing library. This wine museum is loaded with excellent information and it's a great place to enjoy all about world wine.


On the first floor, there is a wine information service where you can take wine lessons. There is a small conference center equipped with the video interactive that requiring visitors to select specific topics by touching the screen. Almost all of the available information is contained within the video presentations, that each need to be watched one at a time. 



There is also a library, about literature, history, art, anthropology of wine and so on. They have a wine room complete with wine from over 100 countries -millions of dollars worth of wine. Good for wine experts, wine enthusiasts and generally whoever finds learning new facts about wine interesting.


Visitors are free to visit the different spaces in the order they wish, and at their own pace, according to their interests, knowledge about wine, the time they have available, and how busy the space is.



Wines are commonly known for their color (visual), scent (smell), body feel (tactile) and taste (taste). This is a place to feel your five senses.


You may get the odor from the raw materials  that contains all the necessary ingredients for wine.


Making Scents of Sounds


You can see the five stages of wine making.



As the concept of wine museum exhibition comes from the 21st century, there are several film, calendars, labels and other items are placed inside the bottles of wine to stick with the main theme. 






As  the wild grapes do not have too much fruit, humans make a lot of efforts to produce more grapes. You can see how much effort people have taken to overcome nature.



Let's take a look of the wine history. The birthplace of wine is Georgia, a small country that connected Europe, Central Asia and the Middle East. Therefore, the word originally originated in Latin Vinum, but may also come from Gvino in Georgia. You can see the artifacts that were found in Georgia at the exhibition.




The video installations are certainly educational, including information on wine-growing regions around the world; different wine varieties; how wine is influenced by the different 'terroirs'; the history of wine making; etc. You can experience the nautical trade using 3D screens as well.



If you want to learn more about wines, tasting on your own wine may be the best way. Take the elevator to the 8th floor, you can see the spectacular view during the wine tasting. At the end of the museum visit,  you can use your entrance ticket to visit the wine bar on the top floor where they will provide you a glass of wine and excellent views of Bordeaux. 


Enjoy wine from Bordeaux, France. Taste huge wines at the end of the visit.