Belgian authentic cuisine since 1893

Brussels what to eat chez Leon

Over 20 years ago, Leon Vanlancker opened Chez Leon which only had 5 tables but now has grown and is a symbol of Belgian cuisine in old Brussels.


More than a 100 menu choices waiting for you

Brussels popular restaurant

The interior of Chez Leon still holds its traditional style atmosphere and hospitality. There are two levels which is always full of people and there is usually a long queue to enter. From more than 100 choices that are available, you definitely can get some authentic Belgian food here.


Tomate Crevette

tomate crevette Brussels

Tomate crevette is a Belgian traditional starter. It's tomatoes stuffed with grey shrimp and mayonnaise making it a rich and tasteful meal.


Croquette Crevette and Croquette Fromage

croquette crevette

As we mentioned croquette crevette in the article 'WHAT TO EAT IN BELGIUM', this is a meal that you cannot miss in Belgium. The fried, crunchy and creamy croquette with parsley is one of the best foods ever!




Mussels are well known in France, and made with white wine. When there was a fish shortage in Belgium many years ago, mussels were the alternative. At select restaurants, you can find mussels cooked in beer instead of wine.


Boeuf Tartare

Boeuf tartare Brussels

If you have a big appetite, you should try the beef tartare. Belgian food is always served with fries (fried potatoes). The lunch menu is available from 14,95€, and requires to be booked three days in advance.


Cafe Liegeoise

cafe liégeoise

After your dinner you also have a selection of Belgian sweets. One possibility is the cafe Liegeoise, which as the name suggests, it's from Liege in Wallonie. 


O'bon Paris' tip

Brussels beer

Don't miss Chez Leon's original beer! The beer and mussels are a perfect pairing. 


Words and Photographs by Leona Fujii 


Address: Rue des Bouchers 20, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium
Website: Click here