Category: Parisian Bakery

Address: 34 Rue Yves Toudic, 75010, Paris

Business hours: Mon-Fri 6h45-20h (closed on weekends)


Near the 10th arrondissement and the Saint-Martin canal, there is a bakery that captures footsteps with the smell of fresh bread along with beautiful exterior which makes you think you have time travelled to the  1900s.


Inside the interior reminds of an era gone by. We introduce to you an exquisite Parisian bakery which has caught up with the tourists and Localities alike.


The bakery was  has been operating from 2002 by imbibing the atmosphere of the old Blanc-Jeri. As Christopher, the founder of the bakery, wanted to give his customers an uncompromising experience, you would find vintage 1900s items in and around the store. The eye-catching blue glazed window invites you in ,the place  is always crowded with people who love bread, and in 2008 Christopher  also won the best Parisian baker medal in the world gourmet guide Gault & Millau.


A bakery is usually filled with a plethora of freshly baked bread. 


One of the most popular Blanc jerry in Paris.


Especially, snail bread flavoured with pistachio chocolate is the most popular. The crisp pastry with texture is accompanied by sweet bread flavored with pistachio custard cream and dark chocolate.


Tarts with fresh seasonal fruits can tell you how much they care about the ingredients in this bakery. Salt caramel apple pie from October to May and apricot and fig tarts in September.


 You can taste various kinds of bread made with different ingredients.The choices are so many that they will spoil you.


Organic wheat flour, organic eggs, and organic milk from local farms using the best raw materials selected, to make a traditional French bread manufacturing method is a deli bread. Since its opening, they have been sticking to the technique of hand-kneading, and have been working to cope with the changes in temperature everyday and to produce the most delicious bread.


In the store, you can also buy the book of the founder Christoff. Christophe has been involved in the fashion industry and has created Dejie with a passion for bread. His desire to offer the best bread that you can't taste anywhere is buried in every corner of the shop, and it is a Parisian bakery built with lots of love and affection.


Every day from 6:45 pm to 8:00 pm, he makes the bread from scratch. If you do not work on weekends, you will have to visit on weekdays if you want to taste artisan bread here. The baguette, which has been aged for 7 hours and made with a long ball, is a must to taste in this bakery.


There is a table outside the shop, but if the weather permits we recommend you, sit nearby St. Martin's canal and enjoy the bread.

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