French cuisine workshop in Galeries Lafayette

Discover the secrets of emblematic French dishes with a renowned Chef

Culinary Workshop at Galeries Lafayette

One comes to the Galeries Lafayette Maison & Gourmet not only for shopping, food tasting, and finding the best wine for the dinner but also to learn how to cook. We have already written about French macaron bakery class and wine tasting with an experienced sommelier. Galeries Lafayette also collaborates with the prestigious Ferrandi Culinary School and, as a result of an exclusive partnership, organizes a series of culinary workshops. Their participants learn to cook emblematic French dishes with chefs - the best graduates of the Ferrandi Culinary School. This is a unique opportunity to learn the secrets and tricky know-how behind famous dishes and desserts served in every gastronomic restaurant. Scallops and vanilla parsnip mousseline, Stuffed chicken supreme, Open Apple Tarte, etc. These dishes won’t hold any secrets for you. Workshops are suitable for all skill levels, followed by tasting on the spot. We have participated in two workshops and cannot wait to share our experience with you!


Ferrandi - a leading culinary school in France

Founded in 1920, Ferrandi holds the prestigious status of the best school of culinary art. It was the first school in France that allowed its students to receive higher professional education in this field. Every year, 1,500 students enter the school for long-term programs and 2,000 specialists attend culinary advanced training courses. Over its long history, the school has released into the “high culinary world" entire generations of highly qualified Chefs, confectioners, bakers, managers and restaurant owners.

Ferrandi Culinary School, Paris

For nearly a century of its history, Ferrandi has gained a reputation of the most prestigious culinary school in France with the best-experienced professionals and MOF (Meilleurs Ouvriers de France) awarded Chefs. Nationally, Ferrandi represents the French culinary and hospitality industry for the French government and is a consultative member of the French Ministry Council for Tourism.


Enjoy cooking with the Chef and discover his know-how

Cooking workshop with the Chef, Galeries Lafayette and Ferrandi

We were lucky to participate in two workshops led by the wonderful Chef Pablo, a graduate of the Ferrandi Culinary School. Workshops are held on the third floor in the Galeries Lafayette Maison & Gourmet building. You will be warmly welcomed at the entrance of the Ferrandi Hall, given an apron, a Chef's cap, and then Pablo will briefly talk about the workshop. Then you will step in a bright spacious room with huge windows overlooking the Opéra Garnier and the main building of the Galeries Lafayette Coupole - two architectural masterpieces, as well as the lively Haussmann Avenue.

Culinary Workshop at Galeries Lafayette, Paris

On the large table, all the ingredients and kitchen utensils are already carefully prepared. About 10-12 people take part in the masterclass. It is very convenient to participate in a pair with someone and help each other. A very nice and charming Chef with a dazzling smile sets the mood for the whole event and ensures that it is, first and foremost, an hour and a half of pleasure and joy from the process itself. Generally speaking, it is a masterclass in teaching the famous French art de vivre.

Culinary Master-Class, Ferrandi Paris Galeries Lafayette

During the workshop, Pablo explains in detail all the milestones of cooking and processing the ingredients. He approaches each participant, checks, and helps with everything. For instance, to not overcook almonds in caramel sugar.

There is also one assistant who will help to free up your workspace on time, offer water, and help if you stay from the group because you were taking photos and videos for your Instagram.


Stuffed chicken supreme - Suprême de Volaille Farci

At the first workshop, we cooked, perhaps, the most mouthwatering dish of French cuisine - stuffed chicken supreme. We always believed that only an experienced chef can really cook this dish, but after an hour and a half of a masterclass with Ferrandi chef, we discovered our own culinary skills.

Supreme de volaille farci, Culinary Workshop Ferrandi Paris

First, you need to peel and cut potatoes into small round pieces. Then put them carefully in a cup with garlic butter, salt, and black pepper, and bake it in the oven. It will be a beautiful garniture that goes perfectly with chicken.

The most important part is dealing with meat. We open up a piece of Chicken breast and roll it up with the chef's special secret - dried fruit marinated with Porto wine. Then we cook it in boiling water.

Cooking with a Chef in Paris

Cover generously the cooked stuffed chicken with homemade white sauce.

French Cuisine with a Chef in Paris, France

In the end, everything is beautifully served: stuffed chicken, beautiful potato galette, and flavorful mushrooms. 


Open Apple Pie - Tarte Tatin Aux Pommes 

At the second workshop, we cooked the most delicious French dessert - an open pie with caramelized apples.

First you need to knead the dough manually, roll it, wrap it with cling film and put in the refrigerator for an hour. Then peel and cut the apples into large pieces (6-8 pieces).

Tarte Tatin, Cooking with a Chef, Paris

Meanwhile, heat the sugar, wait until the liquid caramel is in good condition and put the apples gently on top, and caramelize over medium heat. Then get the dough out of the refrigerator and carefully put it on top of the apples. Be sure to make small holes so that air escapes when baking.

Ferrandi Culinary School Masterclass, Galeries Lafayette

Put it in the oven for 40-50 minutes. After that, Pablo helped everyone to turn the heavy pans with the pie with a masterful movement so that the pie was completely on the plate.

French Cuisine workshop in Paris

The chicest thing was to whip the cream manually and add a pinch of vanilla. We competed with Pablo, who was the fastest to whip the cream into the tender white clouds. We could not resist and tasted the whipped cream in the process, and later furtively collected the leftovers from the hand mixer. Such a deliciousness! We are looking forward to tasting the tart itself.

Cooking with a French Chef, Ferrandi Culinary School, Paris
Voilà! A traditional apple tart is ready. At the end of the workshop, everyone gathers at a large table, the chef cuts his tart (the most accurate and beautiful) and each participant tastes warm, just from the oven traditional French open tart with caramelized apples and almonds and freshly whipped cream. Over-the-top experience.

Ferrandi Ecole de Gastronomie culinary masterclass Paris, France

After the workshop, you will receive a personalized certificate of Ferrandi gastronomic school with Chef's signature, and a recipe that you can now reproduce at home on your own.


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Each class is limited to 7-12 people to ensure that the chef can guide each person individually which elevates the quality of everyone's learning. The workshop lasts for 2 hours.

Verification of your ID and booking confirmation may be requested at the entrance. All children under the age of 12 can not participate in this class. Teenagers under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.


Author - Olga Andrianova

Photos - Yuka Ishihara, Phan Thanh Thuy

French cuisine workshop in Galeries Lafayette

Address : Ferrandi Hall, 3rd floor of Galeries Lafayette Maison & Gourmet building, 35 Boulevard Haussmann, 75009, Paris

Transportation : Metro line 7, 9 Chaussée d'Antin-La Fayette station / Metro line 3, 7, 8 Opéra station / Metro line 12 Trinité station / RER line A Auber station / RER line E Haussmann-St Lazare

Duration : 120 minutes

Price : 110 to 150 €

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