Go City Pass

A city pass with the best activities in Paris

In a City like Paris, choosing what to do can be quite hard, knowing the number of activities available! We discover and tried the Pass All inclusive of Go City, which is the best option to handle a short stay in Paris with many activities.


What is Go City Pass?

activities in Paris city pass

Go City is a city pass that includes many tours, attractions, and activities available in a city. It's like a transportation card, but dedicated to fun and activities! There are passes existing in more than 30 cities in the world, such as New York, London, Rome, Singapore... and Paris of course. We have tried the "All-inclusive Pass" for Paris, which offers you the opportunity to visit unlimited Paris attractions each day of your pass. According to how low you stay in Paris, you can choose a Pass for 2, 3, 4 or 6 days, with a choice of almost 100 activities in Paris.


Why to choose Go City?

Some people prefer organized trips with agencies while visiting a foreign country, but in O'bon Paris we always promote independent traveling, which gives a better and more authentic experience, and much more freedom. However, being an independent traveler can be hard, since you have to plan everything, book your transportation, hotel, activities... Go City can be a great option to help you as an independent traveler.



Enjoy fully your trip to Paris

unique things to do Paris pass

Go City Pass is a great option to keep traveling independently, not losing your freedom, but receiving at the same a little help for your activities. Go City helps you plan well your trip since you can organize your days depending on the activities you want to do in a day. Without Go City you might be tempted not to organize well your trip, and end up doing much fewer things as you could have. Of course, strolling around is part of the trip too, but since you might not be coming to Paris every year, it is also good to enjoy fully your stay. You can mix up of course "active days" and more relaxing ones: let's say you are planning to stay 4 days in Paris: you can get a 3-day Go City Pass, have an intense schedule on these 3 days, and keep the last day for strolling around without any plan. Keep in mind that the Go City pass, unlike a tour with an agency, gives you freedom and flexibility, and in the end, you are the one who chooses what to do and when.



Save money while traveling in Paris

discount Paris activities

Paris is an expensive city, and if you plan to enjoy a lot your stay, activities will be weighing a lot on your budget. The creators of Go City Pass had a genius idea: negotiating better prices with all the main Parisian activities, to have a better package for their customers. With Go City you end up saving up to 50% versus buying individual attraction tickets.

Moreover, with O'bon Paris promo code GO5OBONPARIS you can get 5% discount on your pass of any destination while purchasing it directly on Go City website (click here).



Save your time

save time and money in Paris

Booking activities can take a lot of time, and if you do not plan it well you can end up not enjoying as much as you could your trip. Go City pass is a smart way to save time by not having to book the tickets for the attractions you want to enjoy: except for very few exceptions, for most Go City activities, once you have booked your pass, you just need to show it wherever you want to go, without any booking. The pass also helps you to skip the line. Last but not least, you will save time by planning more carefully your trip: since you pay for a pass, It is in your interest to plan better and to organize your day with spots not too far from each other: if you go for a 3-day pass, you can plan each day in a particular area, avoiding spending too much time in transportation.



A very easy-to-use city pass

go city pass how to use

Go City Pass in user friendly and easy to use. Here is our dedicated article to know the details of how to use it (click here). Do not hesitate to have a look at it.



Get the Museum Pass

Paris Museum Pass

If you are interested in Museums, you might have heard about Paris Museum Pass, which includes most Parisian museums such as Louvres, Orsay, Sainte Chapelle, Centre Pompidou, Panthéon, Arc de Triomphe, Conciergerie… You might then be thinking: should I get the Museum Pass or Go City Pass? Well, no worries, since Go City Pass included the Museum Pass! Of course, since the Museum Pass includes so many Museums, it would not make sense to include it in the 2- or 3-day Go City Pass, since you would not have time to enjoy the museums and the many unique activities included in the Pass.

 So the 4-day All-Inclusive Pass includes a 4-Day Paris Museum Pass, and the 6-Day All-Inclusive Pass includes a 6-day Paris Museum Pass. You need to pick up your Museum pass at the collecting point located at the Big Bus information center (11 Avenue de l’Opéra, 75009 Paris, 10 AM to 5 PM). If you do not have much time and just want to see one or two specific museums, then you can go for 2 or 3 days Go City Pass for activities and buy separately the tickets for the museum on want to see on another day.



Enjoy unique activities in Paris you would  not have thought about

unique activities in paris cheese tasting

What characterizes Go City is also the diversity of the activities included in the Pass. Of course, all the “mainstream” activities are included, such as museums (with the Museum Pass), Seine River cruise, hop-on hop-off bus tour, wine tasting…But the Paris Pass includes much more than that. Some of them are actually food related, so you can also save money on your food budget: one can have for example morning macarons as breakfast in Montmartre, a Croque Monsieur and cocktail by the Seine for Lunch, a teatime and crepe in the afternoon… There are even activities that you would never think about, such as “Cheese tasting”, an “Emily in Paris” tour, a gourmet chocolate Museum, a walking tour about scandals and love affairs…


Suggested itineraries with Go City Pass in Paris


With almost a hundred activities available in the Go City Paris all-inclusive Pass, there are thousands of Itinerary combinations possible for planning your trip. The first thing to do is to check here all the activities available and select the one you really like to try. You can plan 3 to 5, even 6 activities per day, depending on your rhythm, the distance between them, and the duration of each activity. When planning your activities, check well on Go City website the opening days and opening times, to be sure you can visit the place the day you want. Note also that a few activities require a booking in advance (some of the guided tours, French Wine Tasting at les Caves du Louvre…).

To help you in the planning process, here is a suggestion of itineraries, the one we did when we used the Go City Pass (all the activities mentioned below are included in the pass). We organized our days around specific areas for more convenience.



Montmartre area with Go City All-inclusive Pass


Montmartre is one of the most emblematic areas of Paris. With Go City, we really enjoyed our day in the area. We started with morning macarons and a hot drink, the perfect Parisian breakfast! It is served in a traditional Parisian bistro, La Mère Catherine. We then took the Montmartre Little Train to discover the hill of Montmartre without having to suffer from walking too much. After that, we had a Champagne Gourmand at the French restaurant Au Cadet de Gascogne, which includes a glass of Champagne and a selection of mignardises (small French pastries). Afternoon, we decided to go deeper into the discovery of Montmartre and Sacré Coeur, and joined a walking tour, to learn more about Montmartre with a professional guide, that provided us with historical insights and cultural facts as well as info about under-the-radar shopping boutiques and food specialists where you can buyParis’ finest cheeses, charcuteries, crusty bread, and wine. 

cheese tasting activity Paris

We ended up our day with a wine and cheese tasting at O Chateau. Yes, in France there is not only wine tasting, but you can also discover the diversity and originality of French cheese with an expert.

Without the Pass, the activities would have cost us 100€ (Morning Macaron: 18€, Little Train of Montmartre: 8€, Champagne Gourmand 18€, Montmartre and Sacré Coeur Walking tour 36€, Cheese tasting: 20€). We spent 129€ on a 3-day pass, so it cost approximately 43€ per day! We saved 57€ on that day!



Quartier Latin with Go City All-inclusive Pass

SAINT GERMAIN SEINE TOURQuartier Latin (Latin Quarter) is the intellectual neighborhood of Paris, on the left bank of the Seine. Its name comes from the fact that the first University of Paris was created there in the Middle-Age (and at that time, Latin was the University language). The area is really worth the visit for its charming environment and its intellectual spirit.

parisian breakfast

We started our day with a Parisian Breakfast in a traditional French Brasserie, Café Louise. We then had a nice guided tour to get to know more about the history and interesting stories of the Saint-Germain-des-Pres quarter. We came back to Café Louise after the tour to enjoy a French Aperitif: we took a refreshing cocktail accompanied by light bites.

Seine river cruise

In the afternoon, we did the unmissable Seine River cruise, to change our perspective and discover Paris from the Seine. The sightseeing tour includes an audioguide with over 14 programmed languages. We finished our day with a Croque Monsieur and a Kir Royal (Champagne cocktail) by the Seine. Shopping is not included in the pass, but since you are in the area, do not miss the Parisian beauty destination, Parapharmacie Monge, after your active day (more details here).

The real cost of all these activities without the Pass would be 120€ (Breakfast 18€, Saint-Germain des Près walking tour: 36€, French Aperitif 18€, Seine river cruise 18€, Croque Monsieur and Kir Royal 30€), instead of an average daily cost of 43€ with a 3-Day Paris Pass.



Family day trip with Go City All-inclusive Pass

big bug hop on hop off Paris

If you are traveling with kids, there are also many activities that you can share as a family. You can start with sightseeing with the Big Bus Hop-On Hop-Off to have an overview of the city's most remarkable spots. You can then visit the amazing Aquarium de Paris, which has thousands of sea species including a giant tank containing 50 sharks and also offers shows (such as Mermaid shows) at specific times. After that, you are not too far from Bistrot Marboeuf, where you can enjoy a sweet break/teatime with a crepe, orange juice, and a hot drink (Chocolat chaud or tea).

ballon de Paris view

You can finish your day with the amazing Ballon de Paris, fly over Paris, and enjoy a unique view of the city. The real cost of all these activities would be without the Pass 107€ for the whole day ((Big Bus 45€, Aquarium de Paris 26€, Crepes and tea time at Bistro Marboeuf: 18€, Ballon de Paris 18€). For a 3-Day pass, we spent 129€, instead of 327€!

If you want to check more about Go City and book your pass, click here, and don't forget to use the promo code GO5OBONPARIS, enjoy a 5% discount.


Author & Photos : O'bon Paris Team