La Gauloise

A century-old authentic French restaurant

authentic french restaurant in paris : la gauloise

It is said that France is a land of delicious food. Do not miss local authentic food when you come to France for a visit!

Still struggling to make a wise choice among thousands of restaurants in Paris? Want to experience the most authentic French cuisine but don't know where to start? Don’t worry, La Gauloise won't let you down. La Gauloise is a traditional French gastronomic restaurant. It dates back to the beginning of the last century, and time witness its reputation. Perhaps, you can also encounter the former French senators and politicians here.

'La Gauloise' means 'Gaul' in French. Today, most people who live in France are Gaul. The history of the Gaul traces back to the 3rd to 5th centuries BC. Only such a century-old restaurant is worthy of the name of the nation. 

Located in the 15th arrondissement of Paris, this restaurant combines history and modernity. Walk a few steps down the street “Avenue de la Motte Picquet” where the restaurant is located, and you will also see the symbol of France: The Eiffel Tower. 


best french restaurant in paris : la gauloise

French traditional restaurant near Eiffel tower

You can feel the atmosphere of French culture even before entering the restaurant. The low shrub isolates the noise of the busy traffics on the road, but it's not blocking your view at the right height.  You can sit at a table and enjoy the street view of Paris at ease.

Eating inside is also a good choice. When you walk into the restaurant, friendly staffs will lead you to the most appropriate place. The interior is sumptuous, but not ostentatious. Soft and cozy lights create warm atmosphere. The old photos in the restaurant are the best evidence of the reputation of La Gauloise.


best french food restaurant in paris : la gauloise

Home-made French cuisines

A variety of dishes on the menu might make it difficult for you to make a choice. Don't worry, all the dishes won't disappoint you. All of those dishes are home-made, just except hams and ice-creams, which makes this restaurant even more special and distinctive. The dish above is just an amuse-bouche to add more appetite. Lyonnaise sauce made of sour cream, lemon juice and peppers looks very simple, but is a great dish to start with. 


where to eat foie gras in paris


If you want to experience one of the most traditional dishes, Foie Gras de Canard, which is the most representative food in France and is the specialty of La Gauloise is a perfect choice as a starter. Ingredients are carefully selected by the chef. The restaurant's secret recipe can always give you a new taste experience. White wine is the best companion of French foie gras. We suggest you to try the high-quality white wine named 'Pouilly Fume de Selection Jean-Marie Berthier', which goes perfectly with Foie Gras. 


best french onion soup in paris : la gauloise


French baked onion soup is also a good starter and one of the most famous appetizers in France. Nothing makes you much happier than a bowl of hot onion soup especially during the cold winter. Onion soup is basically made of onions, cheese and some pieces of baguettes. It sounds simple to make, but it takes quite a long time to make the good onion soup. 


best coq au vin restaurant in paris


The main course comes after the starters. Cock in red wine, which is known as 'Coq au Vin' in French. Tagliatelle on the side is a specialty of this restaurant. To make Coq au Vin, they use roosters, a symbol of France, which has stronger taste. 

Good ingredients often require the most basic cooking methods. Prime chicken is cooked by an experienced chef for 24 hours, so that the meat is not dry and raw any more. After that, they put chickens with mushrooms, apples, carrots and other ingredients and cook for another 6 hours. That's how this an authentic French-home made dish is served on your table. The chicken is mild and red wine adds unique and special taste ever.  


gambas / shrimp french cuisine : la gauloise


Roasted prawns, sesame oil, risotto of quinoa is another taste experience. The selection of fresh shrimps is roasted to maximize the preservation of its own nutrients, then it is mixed with sesame oil, giving the prawns a richer taste. Even so, the prawns' fresh flavor barely obscures the quinoa rice's characteristic aroma. Each ingredient complements each other and the structure of the taste.


French dessert souffle : la gauloise


Desserts also worth looking forward to. The specialty of La Gauloise is Soufflé au Grand Marnier to finish this wonderful dinner. The smell of fresh fruits inside removes a little grease from the main course, and fruity Grand Marnier sauce clears away the vertigo of alcohol.


la gauloise dessert menu : a french restaurant near eiffel tower


If you have a sweet tooth, don't miss the Profiteroles with Berthillon vanilla ice cream. Berthillon is one of the most famous ice-cream brands in France. Chou filled with Berthillon ice-cream is a perfect refreshment. Chocolate sauce is suitably sweet making this dessert even more perfect. 


O'bon Paris' tip

After a pleasant meal, it's time to continue exploring Paris. With O'Bon Paris coupon, you can get a 10% discount on foods and drinks except for bottled wines. If you are looking for a perfect place with history, great flavor, and nice interior, La Gauloise will not let you down. 


Words by Xiangfei

Photographs by Yuna Lee

La Gauloise

Address:59 Avenue de la Motte - Picquet 75015 Paris France 

Transportation:Metro line 6 8 10 at La MOTTE - PICQUET GRENELLE, then walk for 5 minutes

Opening Hours:Daily 12:00 - 23:00