La Recyclerie : brunch at old train station



Address : 83 Boulevard Ornano, 75018 Paris

Transportation : Metro line 4 Porte-Clignancourt

Opening Hours : Mon-Thu 8:00-24:00 / Fri-Sat 12:00-26:00 / Sun 11:00-22:00

Price : Weekend Brunch 22 euros (Vegetarian Brunch 20 euros, Kids 12 euros) / Lunch menu on weekdays 13 euros / Tapas 6 euros

Website :



Just in front of the metro station 'Porte de Clignantcourt', there is a vintage style restaurant painted in green, La Recyclerie. La Recyclerie means 'Recycle site' in French. This restaurant was originally an old train station 'Organo' which is now renovated. Beside the old railways, there is a large vegetable garden of 1000m2.



This place reminds you of  a school canteen. Different from other restaurants in Paris, it is spacious and packed with many tables. It still keeps the atmosphere of the old train station with a big clock in the middle and an arch-shaped ceiling. 


On weekends, it becomes full with Parisians who want to enjoy the brunch menu surrounded by this unique atmosphere. There are seats available inside on the first floor, and some on the second floor, sofas, and even outside on the terrace. It is the perfect place to enjoy a beautiful Parisian weekend, surrounded by locals. 



Fresh homemade brunch is served on weekends by the chef Gilles Cherrier and his team. Brunch menu is available only on weekends and holidays. On weekdays, you can still enjoy lunch, dinner, desserts, coffee, tapas, and so on. On every Thursday, they exceptionally prepare a vegetarian only menu to reduce the consumption of fish and meat in attempt to save the earth. 

There is a normal brunch and a vegetarian brunch, with both options you will get one big plate with main dishes and another small plate with desserts. Once you make an order at the counter, you can go to the bar just next to the cashier, and serve yourself bread, jams, butter, coffee, and tea. 


When the vibration bell, which you will get when you order, vibrates, you can go to the CUISINE to pick up your dishes. It is unique that you have to pick them up directly, different from normal French restaurants. Since they only serve one menu on weekends, you do not have to wait for your food at all.



The main dish is full of different ingredients. Fresh vegetables they grew from the garden, a muffin with soft scrambled eggs and grilled bacon, salmon, potatoes, tabbouleh, tomato, coleslaw, and of course, French cheese! 



Another plate full of desserts. Freshly made plain yogurt with nuts, a chewy cake filled with chocolates, pineapples with mint. All the desserts were creative, but especially the pineapple with mint was delightly fresh to complete the meal. 


When you come out to the back side, you will discover a new part of the restaurant with a henhouse and grapes dangled from stalks. This restaurant reuses the food waste as chicken feed and compost. By doing so, they reduce the food waste up to 8 tons each year. 


There are some fun activities like yoga class, massage, workshops, flea market, DIY cosmetics class, movie session, upcycling, and so on. They are trying to spread the values of making a sustainable environment and protecting nature in fun and positive ways. 



While enjoying healthy and fresh homemade food, you can also have a relaxing time surrounded by nature. In a world full of new and modern things, this place reminds you of the value of the old days. You can check their unique programs and schedule on their website to make your trip even more enjoyable. 


Written and photographed by Yuna Lee