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In this article you will find useful information about NHCO and some of its key products.


The expert brand on Amino Acids

There is never a better time than the present to start thinking about health and nutrition. Our partners, NHCO Nutrition, have been at the cutting edge of research and innovation in the field of nutritional science for many years. With over 20 years in the food supplement industry, NHCO Nutrition specialises in amino acid research and the development of amino acid-based products. Amino Acids are molecules that were found at the origin of life, they are essential for the regular functioning of our organs, acting at the centre of our cells. They are natural compounds that partly occur naturally in our bodies and partly from the nutrients in our diet.

Amino Acids Food supplements

While there is no substitute for a healthy and balanced diet, the NHCO Nutrition laboratories have developed a wide range of nutritional supplements that each provide a specific, powerful, and highly technical response to specific health needs as well as products for those who engage in various types of physical activity.


Discover some NHCO food supplements

In the following sections of this article, the O’bon Paris team have highlighted some NHCO Nutrition key products.


Artixine: for Joint Comfort and Flexibility


It is natural that with age we will be affected by stiffness and decreased joint flexibility. NHCO Nutrition has developed Artixine to combat these effects of aging. Its reuniting formula combines 11 ingredients which help to relieve sensitive joints, maintain bone tissue, and support the formation of connective tissue.


Orthosamine: for Essential Vitamins, Minerals, and Amino Acids

There are certain nutrients, including: vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, that are essential for the effective functioning of our bodies. They are ‘essential’ because our bodies cannot produce them - they are acquired exclusively through our diet.


Today, implementing and sustaining a balanced diet can be difficult so NHCO Nutrition has created Orthosamine in alignment with the needs of the human body to provide a balanced intake of essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids for the wellbeing and maintenance of good health.


TagviC: for Vitamin C

TagVic Vitamin C

TagviC is a dynamic vitamin C stimulant designed to support the body in the case of lowered energy and fatigue. Part of the latest generation of solution developed by NHCO Nutrition’s laboratories, TagviC contains a number of active agents which stimulate the body’s metabolism, rendering an energising effect.


Effluvium: for Hair Growth and Vitality

Hair food supplement

The growth, thickness, and strength of our hair is dependent exclusively on the health of the pilosebaceous follicle, that is the base of the living part of the hair. Hair loss often occurs as a result of disrupted nutrient input. Due to their knowledge of biology, specifically in the field of amino acids, NHCO Nutrition has developed Effluvium, which concentrates 20 active ingredients to stimulate hair growth and promote shine and vitality.


Visiocare: for Tired Eyes

Visiocare, from NHCO Nutrition is an innovative micronutrition solution to maintain normal vision and eye comfort. Eye fatigue and ocular stress often increases with age or following exposure to the blue light scattering screens of our phones and computers.


Visiocare, contains two specific formulas for the morning and evening to fight the effects of blue light exposure: Visiocare morning includes innovative ingredients which support eye health, especially those suffering from tiredness and dryness. Containing botanical extracts such as Taurine which is the most abundant amino acid in the retina, and antioxidants, the day formula helps to protect the eye’s cells against stress, including exposure to blue light. The Visiocare evening formula includes natural pigments which contribute to the maintenance of normal vision. Certain of the formula’s ingredients contain fish oil which is certified “Friend of the Sea”.


Retinium: for General Eye Health

Our eyes naturally lose their visual abilities through age, lifestyle and as a result of our diet. In order to preserve strong eye health, it is useful to provide the essential tissues of the eye (the retina, the lens, and the cornea etc.) with sufficient nutrients.


Retinium, like Visiocare, combines two unique Morning and Evening formulas to achieve exactly this goal. The morning formula includes three complexes which are designed to help the eye maintain normal vision; protect against stress; and defend the eye from oxidative damages. The evening formula contains natural pigments and omega 3 fatty acids which contribute to the maintenance of good vision and natural vitamin E.

As well as the products we have highlighted above, NHCO Nutrition have a broad range of diet supplements, and health and dermatological products you can discover on their website. Most of NHCO products can be found in Parapharmacies Monge. If you plan to shop there, do not miss our special Parapharmacy offer.


Author: Iain Mathieson

Photographs - Phan Thanh Thủy