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Bioderma Nodé Hair health care

Bioderma is one of the most famous French skincare brands, created by dermatologists. You must have already heard about Bioderma’s iconic Micellar waters, but you might not have tried their hair care products (yet!). However, their hair care products range, Nodé, is recommended by dermatologists to treat specific issues (dandruff, sensitive scalps…) or just to have shampoos that respect and protect your hair.


How to choose your hair care products?

Bioderma Hair care

Any skincare routine starts with a simple question: what is your skin type? It’s actually the same for hair, you need to know the specificities of your hair and scalp to select the adapted products.

But even if you don’t have specific issues to take care of, if you want to keep healthy hair in the long run, it’s always better to choose products with fewer chemical ingredients. Some components not only leave lasting damage to the environment, but can cause severe damage to your hair and scalp. Here are some of the ingredients to avoid in your shampoo and conditioner (but many of them are unfortunately still widely used by several brands): parabens, triclosan, synthetic fragrances/colors, Formaldehyde, Polyethylene Glycols, Dimethicone. Fortunately, there are nowadays many apps and websites where you can analyze product formulas and see if a product is good for your health or not.


Nodé Range

Non chemical hair products

Nodé range is made of 9 shampoos, some of them targeting specific hair conditions. The name Nodé stands for “Non-detergence” has the range is specifically designed without harmful ingredients to respect the biological balance of fragile hair and scalps. We are going to introduce 5 of them.


 Nodé non detergent fluid shampoo

Nodé non detergent fluid shampoo

Nodé fluid shampoo is the most popular of the range, has it suits all hair types and can be used by all family members (except premature infants).  This non-stripping shampoo gently cleanses and restores the hair's shine and radiance. It also preserves the essential components of the hydro-lipid film and therefore is non-delipidating for the scalp.


Nodé A soothing shampoo

Nodé A soothing shampoo

Nodé A is a soap-free soothing shampoo designed for sensitive and irritated scalps. Sensitive scalps are characterized by visible redness and feeling of discomfort.  The soothing and moisturizing actions of the shampoo help reduce discomforts and optimize the cutaneous barrier. Nodé A offers optimal tolerance. To make it more effective, Leave it on for 1 minute after massaging your scalp.


Nodé G purifying shampoo

Nodé G bioderma

 Nodé G is a purifying shampoo for oily hair, for those with hair that’s particularly prone to turning greasy fast: it rebalances the scalp and slows the onset of oilyness.


Nodé P Anti-dandruff shampoos

anti dandruff shampoo

is a fabulous option for sensitive, irritated conditions of mild to moderate dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis. Node P is formulated with non-delipid mild cleansing bases to respect the biological balance of the hair and scalp for optimal tolerance.

There are two different Nodé P: the first one (antipelliculaire normalisant) is an anti-dandruff regulating shampoo for all hair types. The second one (antipelliculaire purifiant) is specifically designed to eliminated dandruff on oily hair.


We hope that this article helped you find your next favorite shampoo! If you have sensitive skin, have a look at our anti-redness beauty routine with Bioderma's crealine range.


Author: O'bon Paris team

Photos: Yuka Ishihara, Thanh Thuy Phan